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One Rock

tank (2)

The One Rock & Smooch tanks

share same lighting, filtration and water flow basics


Both are lighted with CFL bulbs (22 watt Ultra Daylight & 13 watt Blue). Both have a Permanent (two stage) SBMarine Biological Filter. Both benefit from a Kreissel like water flow in which water is circulated from bottom back to upper back - to front top and bottom front... One is created with an air pump (Smooch tank) and one with a 24 inch spray bar coupled to an external canister filter. Keep in mind that the 3.5 watt air pump (4 inch diffuser) creates as much lift and circulation capacity as a 10.5 watt canister filter with spray bar !!

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Same as 4 inch air diffuser: the spray bar breaks the surface tension and creates ripples that optimize gaz exchange. Tank water is enriched with Oxygen thanks to interaction with ambient air. 

A 10.5 watt external canister filter

produces same water circulation as a 3.5 watt air pump !!

In a Kreissel (carrousel) water flows in a circular motion...

MARSI appreciates the constant flow of Oxygen enriched water and gentle agitation...

An 18 inch air diffuser (semi rigid tubing) has been fitted inside the Spray Bar. Where minuxcule air bubbles can interact with Ammonia... 

Biological Filtration and Zooplankton consume a lot of Oxygen in a Tank. So do Macro Algae, Fishes and invertebrates... Ammonia for it's part destroys Biological Filtration as it accumulates (due to it's weight) at bottom of tank. Thankfully Ammonia has the ability to bond itself to minuxcule air bubbles and thus can be eliminated in a permanent way at water surface when air bubbles explode !! 

(see SBMarine Oxygen Reactor in Special Files)