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Cephalopholis Argus

Versatility of Macro Algae

slowly but surely

Stabilization: control of pollutants and nutrients 

 Neomeris Annulata slowly morphing to it's Fluo Green appearance. This Calcified Alga can reach several inches and develops exclusively in low water flow areas. Like all calcified algae it's an interesting indicator of water parameters. Seen here in sizes ranging from 0 to 3/4 inch

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Stabilization begins with the absorption of Nitrates by Unicellular Algae

The EOS tank is now well balanced. It holds three types of 'Pods that are consuming Dynoflagellates and GHA at a fast rate. Real Macro Algae are developping normaly from seedlings on the live rock. Several species of Caulerpa are represented and a few fronds of rock Halimeda. One sand variety was tried but they are too delicate for a cephalopholis tank... Aquascaping will revolve around this. Eventually a few large soft corals will complement the view. 


And since Zooplankton and Phytoplankton are so well established in the EOS tank it could probably house Lima Scabra. This spectacular mollusk has a reputation of being short lived in sterile tanks. Even with hand feedings they barely last a year. They are continuous Filter Feeders and require a steady flow of nutrients 24/7. (worth a try)

Caulerpa Brachypus: a dwarf ressembling a mix of C. Prolifera and C. Serrulata. Not suited for reef tanks but perfect for specific aquascaping.

This tank has no GHA consumers besides 'Pods. A Ninja was removed as it was bullied by EOS. Nevertheless GHA are receeding quickly and with 7 species of true macro-algae; the EOS tank is slowly shaping up.

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EOS seems to like the idea of camouflage... he even tried imitating a Moray Eel...   ;D)