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Versatility of Macro Algae (4)

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In the top section of this Auxiliary Biological Filter: all that is needed is a 7 watt (soft white) LED bulb. Verticillata attached to OUT flow tube and receives minimal water flow from tank siphon... Surgeonfish and Angelfish (any vegetarian species) appreciate it very much... It can easily be grown on rubble and rocks to always have some handy.

Caulerpa verticillata will harbour Reef Snow (zooplankton) as well as GHA and sometimes become completely white. It also gradually replaces GHA on the aquascaping offering a more interesting view. Even in strong currents it will not shred and drift in the tank like GHA. We all know the headaches associated with removing endless tufts of GHA all over the place...

As long as it's growth is restricted to - Islands of Aquascaping - there is no risk of having stolons reaching where they could cause problems. And should it ever become out of control: simply add any Pincushion Urchin.

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