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Stabilization in one easy lesson...

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Day One

Canada Corals provided us with this perfectly healthy white pincushion urchin. It started tackling the aquascaping: the minute it set it's numerous tubular feet in the Aegis Tank


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Day Two 

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We named it Snowball because it's arrival had the effect of an avalanche on the aquascaping.... Turning everything Snow White in it's path !!

A tremendous task awaits our brave Echinoderm on it's eradication treck...

Notice how the GSP colony is not stressed by the proximity of Snowball. It does not close and even appreciates the many tubular feet picking at GHA between individual polyps !!

Snowball: Lytechinus variegatus


this beast from the Atlantic can reach a spectacular 8,5 cm in diameter. So far it has proven to be reliable with the polyps and anemones. By the time it completes it's run in the tank: GHA are already growing anew providing a steady food intake for the grazing fishes.

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Late June : eradication process well under way

after several passes: the GSP have regained algae free rockwork. 

Late July : more passes have cleared all polyps of GHA

This clockwork grazing allows the regrowth of GHA within a month. Fishes never run out of daily food !!

Balance + Stability + Recuperation = 

Happy & Healthy Trio:

Aegis - Lieutenant - Snowball