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They are poor swimmers and this condition alone determines their whole lifestyle and feeding habits in the wild. Most of which can be simulated in captivity without much difficulty !! The Nancy Zoological Garden Aquarium demonstrated that they have a life expectancy of over 20 years in the wild as well as in captivity. And in both environments they occupy a tiny territory... They may have an entire ocean at their disposal: but they will spend their life in an area rarely exceeding a square foot or two !! Amphiprion are essentialy Plankton feeders and position themselves facing the current which brings it directly to them... All they have to do is move 1/2 inch or less to grab their dinner and they do this all day long complementing their diet with occasional nibblings on vegetable matter. They dont waste energy on swimming thus their food intake can remain minimal. The SBMarine tank is perfectly adapted for this and provides them with pelagic Plankton 24/7/365. Of course this diet is complemented with a balanced menu. 

Smooch & Smooches

Amphiprion Ocellaris

Smooch and Smooches have graced our tanks since July 2013 when they were the size of one and two salted peanuts...  They have seen it all including the Disaster on New Year in 2014 !! They have patiently gone through several tanks since. They have been close to several Anemones such as Belle and Demi but never got the time to choose one... Ocellaris are known to take up to two years to adopt Stichodactylae Haddoni for example. 

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The Permanent Tank


Balanced in April and Stabilized in July

A small powerhead  was fitted on the SBMarine Biological Filter in the process. It provided a steady gentle laminar flow that encouraged the development of GHA...

here is a brief overview of this evolution in an illustrated tutorial form

Plankton is teeming here and is eating away the BioFilm faster than it can grow 


What is the single most important thing to know about Amphiprions ?

Mid-July... Out goes the powerhead !!

IN goes the permanent tank setup for a Minimalist 33 gallon tank:

best suited for Ocellaris and Giant Symbiotic Anemone 

A standard 3.5 watt air pump now activates the SBMarine (single stage) Biological Filter and a 2.8 watt air pump provides gentle turbulence throughout the tank with a 4 inch diffuser. Laminar flow is thus eliminated since Symbiotic Anemones are delicate animals who do not care to be blasted by powerful jet flows... And Ocellaris are spared death by exhaustion of swimming against the current... :)  Furthermore pelagic (planktonic) life forms never go through meat-grinders (propellers, impellers, agitators, circulation pumps etc...) and the integrity of the Marine Biological System is further enhanced by doing so.

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'Pods are not the only Pelagic and/or Benthic animal life in a Marine Biological System... In fact most invertebrates go through such a life cycle. Some even drift for years: Urchins for example. Here is a Mollusc feeding on BioFilm.

Asterinas are found in an infinite colour palette. They are détrituvore, harmless and rarely exceed 3 inches. They are a welcome addition to any tank... They can also be an interesting substitute diet for Harlequin Shrimp since they are quite prolific... Thus preserving authentic Starfish !