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Entacmea Quadricolor (Rose)

First I would like to acknowledge our gratitude to Incredible Aquarium (see Links in About our Motto). They have provided SBMarine with an incredibly healthy specimen. It was a no-brainer getting it into the Smooch Tank !! Properly packed it arrived in mint condition through overnight delivery even though it was a boiling hot July day. 

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Rosa: One minute after being placed in tank

A 4 inch air diffuser is located behind the aquascaping. It is all that is needed to provide Rosa with gentle turbulence and water flow. Powerheads or Rotating Agitators blasting jet streams at it would have it rolling all over the tank: prevent it from using it's tentacles while feeding and in most cases damage it severely... Keep in mind that Giant Symbiotic Anemones are very delicate animals: their bodies are made up of only two Unicellular Membranes. They are not potted plants to be dropped where intended... Anemones choose their spot and you should never interfere even if the location does not suit you !! Plus with an eventual mated Amphiprion couple they will eventually get all the agitation they need   :)  

Adequate feeding and schedule are far more important. 

Day Two

Rosa is fed her first pea sized portion of Seafood Puree

Notice how it uses it's tentacles to first grasp the food and then help push it through the oral opening.

After the meal is engulfed; digestion will take appoximately 24 hours

Day 3

peace, quiet & security are found under a ledge: it's the ideal spot to fold up for a night's rest

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One week later... Reaching out for the light

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Now the sixty-four dollar question remains...

Will Smooch & Smooches adopt Entacmea and call it home ?

A quad anemone usually suits Premnas Biaculeatus in nature... Ocellaris are known to associate mostly with Heteractis Crispa, Stichodactyla Haddoni and Macrodactyla Doreensis... Who knows, Smooch gives me the impression of having developped a crush for it...Sometimes Aquarists are capable of taking their wishes for granted... I know...  :)

To discover Entacmea's Natural Habitats: Visit the DORIS webpage (below)

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