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The CFL Project turned out beautifully for Rosa 

Not only has it grown since December but it's color patterns are developping rapidly. And what happens when good lighting is available... Two things !! Appetite increases and Anemone feels no need to wander around the tank like a vagabond (in search of food, or light, or salvation...) !! Rosa now engulfs her meals in 20 seconds or less; so the feeding schedule was changed to every 48 hours. 


Speaking of our CFL Project: It proves a valid alternative to any other means and a cost effective one. In a low tank, such as this, the bulbs are approximately 12 inches from Anemone: so there is no need for high output lighting.

- Look at it this way: the whole Smooch tank runs on two standard air pumps / 3 Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs / and two 24 inch strips of 12 volt LED'S... not to mention a - maintenance free permanent SBMarine Biological Filter -. Total yearly operating cost is around $10.00 !!!

Try matching these results with a Metal Hallide installation... Protein Skimmer... Calcium Reactor,,, Reverse Osmosis... Doser...  WaveMaker...  etc... etc...       :)


SBMarine considers that you are either an Aquarist or a Technocrat. We always keep this mindset in all of our projects. We call it Aquariophilia since it is one of the most fascinating hobbies... others call it aquariology...

Promising growth for Rosa