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Rhodactis showing on our older pictures (above) are mostly Rhodactis Inchoata: it has always been the most common and available species on the market... A boom of interest has suddenly appeared and more and more kinds are now flooding the wholesalers' tanks. There are Rhodactis from Florida (not to be confused with Ricordea) and those from Asia and Australia... But very few scientific identifications available for them... So (for now) we will refer to them as Rhodactis and fill in the blanks as we go.

Three of them now grace the AEGIS tank. Nothing much to look at since two of them came on 3/4 inch plugs and were about 1/2 inch in diameter (very small). The other one was a full 1/2 inch on a 1 inch plug !


The fun thing about Rhodactis when they finally start feeding is that they grow extremely fast and become impressingly large. Don't expect them to do so with brine shrimp feedings though.  They reach their full adult size of 12 inches in a year (or less) !!! I'm not talking about those monsters called Elephant Ear Mushroom (Rhodactis Mussoides) or the Giant Cup Mushroom (Amplexidiscus Fenestrafer)... Unless you want to rid your tank of all fish and invertebrates...   ;D)

So here they are: tiny - healthy - eating every two or three days

fed a Seafood Purée with a long plastic tubing (remember Aegis LOL)... and GROWING

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Aussie: day one at SBMarine before feeding...


day 2:

after a feeding... it's growing !!

What a healthy appetite


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day 1

After a well ingested meal, most Anemones will show a swollen area around the mouth. Full digestion takes from 10 minutes to several hours...

One month later we can see the 1 inch plug under this Rhodactis... after several healthy meals !!


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It rarely takes more than three minutes for a Rhodactis to fully close upon feeding (small or adult)

Now if only NOIRE would show up... I'd be happy to introduce you...