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Meet Nyx

Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus

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Not only did he sail on rough seas to SBMarine... Nyx had to cope with a hurricane named Lieutenant once he got here... His first day was to say the least... miserable... Fortunately our friends at Incredible Aquarium in London (see Link in About our motto) had seen to his well being: with a good muscular mass, intense colour saturation and impeccable overall health... Nyx is fit and ready to establish himself !!

A friendly visit: Notice how Aegis gently approaches Nyx without provocking panic... He doesn't parade his defences either, his fins are nicely folded... That's one out of two: so it's not such a bad start after all... Nyx might get a chance at eating something...

Day One 

Day 2 

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Nyx spent all night close to Aegis who generously shared his lair with him. 

So he did have a good stress free rest period. 

Lieutenant also had a good rest (!) in his carefully excavated rest area. Aegis occupied it before moving to the new aquascaping to the right. Lieutenant improved the area by digging two new tunnels (escape routes) in front left and right. One is under the two Rhodactis seen here... The other to the left. Surgeonfish are bright and like to stay on top of things reminding us that even juvenile friendly ones usually Rule their tank !!!

When lights switch on: Aegis moves to this ledge where Lieutenant joins him for the early morning hours... This morning is no different but... Nyx won't be seen out in the open all day... Except for a few brief attempts soon short-circuited by Lieutenant. We did see Nyx nibbling on glass and various Caulerpa in his dark corner... This situation can't last forever however and we expect him to show assurance soon... After all he is an Angelfish and a beautiful one at that !!

Day 3 

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Had to hide behind the Smooch tank and use Tele to get first shots of Nyx... Free at last   ;D) 

Aegis calmly keeping a watchful eye on his new friend !! Keeping Lieutenant at bay...

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Well... Nyx finally made it to the Sunrise Meeting Hall... There are still a few frictions now and then but nothing to worry about.

Perhaps Nyx's Mythological name was predestinated after all... 

Nyx: - the first one to appear at dawn -