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Meet Lieutenant

Acanthurus tennentii

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This splendid, colourful, healthy, good natured juvenileTang 

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Incredible Aquarium (see Links in About our Motto)

To get a fantastic view of Acanthurus tennentii in it's wild habitat: 

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Two months later

Acanthurus tennentii is an ever changing - chromatic pastel rainbow - colored jewel

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If you follow the time stamps on pictures: Lieutenant undergoes a steady progression with colors and markings getting more pronounced. From a blurred straight line;  his - trademark - has now turned into a dark horseshoe. Most marine fishes display fixed and flashy colors... But Acanthurus tennentii offers an ever changing palette determined by lighting and mood. However  :)  if your tank is lighted by a Disco Style Blue setup... you might miss out on the fun...


... and yes... Snowball does steal the meal away sometimes... 

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