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SBMarine can only recommend the Royal Urchin:

as one of the best acquisitions for a Marine Biological System  

With a lifespan of about five years and a perfect size for any setup (excluding so-called Nano tanks):

Mespilia Globulus can be trusted with any invertebrates. For Icicle (barely an inch) a 33 gallon tank is a huge territory to cover...

If you have a glimpse at his work sheet for the past ten days (below): the results are stunning !!!

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(above) Three polyps opened on the loose GSP fragment Icicle picked up last week (left)... We'll have to keep track of the final destination of delivery.

January 23: ICICLE moved on to the Big Screen 

where he will join the Limpet still active on it's section of back panel after several months  :)