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Yes... Smooch & Smooches are currently living with a Host Rock...  :)  12x5 in. and wheighing as much as a chunk of railroad track... Not that there is anything dishonorable about it: Amphiprions are known to naturally adopt many substitutes and you know what... Amphiprions reproduce best without Host Anemones (according to professional breeders). True: Rosa to the left is not their natural host in nature. However Ocellaris often end up spending their days around them in captivity.... I hear a wise one saying that perhaps we at SBMarine should have placed Rosa in tank BEFORE Ocellaris... Yes it could have worked of course... This couple formed when very juvenile and have been in contact with a Stichodactylae Haddonii for example (this species is really not recommended for newbies by the way. More later). But female Ocellaris need at least two years to reach maturity not counting time needed to adapt to such an agressive anemone. Even Ocellaris has to go about it carefully. So why not try the sieve method some might add... Oh really: you expect us to place anemone in floating plastic sieve and then Ocellaris together / then  gently swirl sieve to force contact with anemone ??? You must be joking... We're not bullies here !! Try catching fish in the first place not to mention the trauma and all.... Try this with Haddonii and find out how it grabs it's dinner in just one sting.... They are capable in nature to propell themselves out of their sandy burrow (quite a distance) and envelopp the prey in a fraction of a second to later dig back into the sand elsewhere... In captivity they do same.

For now the situation gives ample time for Rosa to settle without stress, to savour healthy meals, to discover the swimming Plankton, to adapt to the lighting and water chemistry and several months to explore if she wishes so all of the aquascaping. Meanwhile it will continue growing so will Ocellaris....

NOTE: you may have noticed that Caulerpa grapes on this Host Rock have vanished... They simply have been fed to Aegis and Lieutenant over the weeks.

Sleepy Time... Time 

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At night Smooches lays on it's side with belly on rock and back on glass. Smooch then lays on top of her. They are seen here emerging a little drowsy from a good night's sleep without predators. The lights switched on 45 minutes ago but they are in no hurry to start their bright sunny day. Plankton is abundant and regular meals are no worry so they don't feel the need to rush up because of starvation or annoying tank mates !!

Good Morning Smooch !!!

So Who's the Boss ?

In most photos you will find them at or facing the right of the tank... Sometimes (above) Smooch will try sneaking away on his own...

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Somehow... Smooch and I seem to understand each other very well...  (not that I'm trying to be anthropomorphic here)

... It's just that Smooches pulls him back to the other side every time... After all she's the Boss !!