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Muriceopsis flavida 


Purple Frilly Gorgonian

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Our Gorgonian Frag had it's top fragged also. It was perfectly healthy and within 4 hours had extended ALL of it's polyps !!  It is in those minute details that you can appreciate the degree of professionalism of a supplier... 

The top section showed a stub already developping...  Incredible Aquarium provided us with this beauty and shows extreme care as always !!

Can a Marine Biological System sustain a

Photosynthetic - Planktonic & Particle feeding coral ? 

(meaning without supplemental feedings)

As seen in DAY 15 video: YES !

A Marine Biological System can sustain Gorgonian ! Two new polyps have developped.

But can it provide a continuous input of nutrients consisting of Zooplankton and Micro-Particles needed for normal growth ? This is what the EOS tank is all about.  Timestamped photographs and videos will document further developments: positive or negative. As of now this tank hosts an amazing variety of organisms and micro-organisms that complement each other in establishing those needed conditions.

From Giant Molecules to Aerobic Bacteria - Micro to Macro Algae - Copepods to Acorns - Bryozoans to Nudibranch !! Bryozoans for example are microspic particle feeders that can sustain themselves in a Marine Biological System: so time will tell how Gorgonian do in this environment.

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DAY 33


Undeniable proof of consistent growth since Day 15:

as the Light Pink stubs illustrate.