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Sinularia sp. 

Finger Leather Coral

Two healthy frags fully attached to aquascaping in 10 days 

Rubber bands were removed on 21 January... Yellow Zooxanthella are developping fast and the severely damaged specimen (by Nyx the Vermiculate Angelfish) yielded four drop-off branches (4 to 8mm)... These should recover fast !   

Getting those no-brainer Sinularia was easy thanks to Incredible Aquarium (see Link in About our Motto)... It's so much better when you can fit the base of frags directly to their permanent display location without cookies, epoxy or cyanide glue.

It's another reason why we don't cement aquascaping together and always use the good old Jigsaw Puzzle (mind boggling sometimes) method of securely stacking live rock... This way you can easily substitute rocks if needed (parasites, incompatibility, emergency, treatments, fragging, etc...).

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