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We're not sure if NYX means:

Thanks for the snack or...

Thanks for the view...

Day 1

This splendid unidentified Flame Thrower Chalice provided by:

Canada Corals (see About our motto LINKS) 03/05/2018

In our humble opinion this might be Echinopora lamellosa. It is the most common of the several species found in the trade. It's also known to be easy, non-agressive, require low to moderate light and medium to strong water flow... It is extremely sensitive to terpenoids and should not be placed with Soft Corals... Making it an ideal candidate for the NYX tank. Of course Rhodactis Anemones can emit Acontias now and then but should not constitute a problem: as long as there is no direct contact with them this Leafy Stony Coral should do fine... If it passes the NYX Test eventually...

Echinopora lamellosa is found at depths of up to 40 metres in the wild:

it's light requirements are really minimal


The colony of 10 Rhodactis grew so fast we had to split it into parts that were set in their final locations. Echinopora has ample stinger room and growth area.

It took NYX 20 days to munch through his welcome snack... However life goes on and Discosoma Sp. to the far right has reproduced !!

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This Discosoma Sp. was featured in the AEGIS tank in 2016, then in the EOS tank in 2017... Today it thrives in the stabilized NYX tank and cloned itself !!

Please Take Note

The only Angelfish that can be safely placed with Soft and Stony Corals is Lamarck Angel (Genicanthus lamarck)

So far NYX has shown to eat through Sinularia Sp., Green Star Polyps and probably all stony corals... NYX won't touch Anthelia Sp., Discosoma or Rhodactis. We believe most Chaetodontoplus Sp. will behave much the same... So called Pigmy Angelfish (Centropyge Sp.) can not be trusted either. It's a case by case approach with all of these species.