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Three new Asterinas were spotted lately... A small white (page one)... A blue dotted dark grey... and this dazzling raspberry red and blue specimen...

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And now this white & blue... Several 1mm to 1,5mm specimens are too small to photograph for now. 

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I bet this tiny mollusk sure is glad to have seen the light of day in a SBMarine tank...

He'll probably never know what starvation is all about !!

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At 1,5mm... it's hard to identify... My first guess is Trochus...

with any chance   :)   could be a Purple Banded Trochus...  (to be continued)

 New Life

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Of course the typical purple encrusting alga has started establishing itself... 

And the Zooplankton alone is keeping the GHA nicely trimmed... 

But a new life form is developping... 

These lovely bouquets of (?) are present all over this rock. 

These Lovely Bouquets of... - invertebrates -... are not yet identified since we have the habit of only naming specimens when at least 99% sure of correct identification... As Aquarists we are constantly reminded that we are - Ignoramus - most often and have to learn to manage priorities... We are not taxonomists and hold no university degree in academic data-bank research... We're quite busy as is in fact !!! Anyway it seems that these days whenever you search the Internet: you somewhat end up at the same places everytime wasting everybody's time. It's either the moronic video clips or the same foreign LFS establishing the popularity  - like hit list - . What we are 100% sure of though is that they are definitely not Parasite Aiptisia Anemones. These pests have the habit of retracting deeply in the rock whenever they notice my shadow heading their way   :)   Yes I do have a reputation with parasites ! Like my father often said: - everything has a purpose and parasite's role is to be eradicated... 

They are obviously Plankton feeders since their development originated in this tank... I don't expect them to reach a size of over 2 cm... And we'll have plenty of time to witness their growth.

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