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Mespillia globulus 

Royal Urchin

Meet Avent...

Who has a twin named Icicle: both are breathtakingly beautiful.

Incredible Aquarium (see Link in About our Motto) provided us with these pincushion urchins in mint condition. These beauties never lacked any care since both were still hiding under a thick mat of algae fragments when SBMarine got shipment !! As always with them packing and shipping were top notch. 



  In anticipation of Avent's arrival; we let the front panel covered with bio-film... just to make sure he'd have plenty of opportunities to feel at home. On photo above he is already at work after only 10 minutes in Aegis tank. 

gallery/avent day 4

Day 4 

Avent has a good appetite and takes away what Lieutenant leaves behind. By the time he reaches the other side of tank... It will have regrown and thus the 'Pods won't lack much nurishment.