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    Briarea violacea

    Green Star Polyp

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    DAY ONE 

    DAY 2

    DAY 3

    Hassle Free Colony

    As you will find out in the upcoming Special File (notes on frag shipments) : Cookies (ceramic plugs) as much as they play an important role in Aquariophilia do have their limitations. Considering that many species of Corals ship very well without them: it is so much easier to establish colonies directly on rubble or rocks and even skip the problematic glue on process... Elastic bands are easy, fast and efficient for any soft coral (large or small) and help avoid that ugly doorknob decor that really spoils it as far as I'm concerned   :)  Not every supplier offers this alternative and when we know what we want: Incredible Aquarium (see Link in About our Motto)  provides SBMarine with soft corals that are ready for action.

    Mespillia globulus 

    Royal Urchin


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    DAY 6 

    ICICLE has a busy schedule ahead of him

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