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all images from tank will be fuzzy and blurred due to intense aeration provided:

until all specimens are well adapted


gallery/trio june 15 a
gallery/trio and icicle july 10

Before: ROSA - ROSAE - ROSAM still in Smooch tank (June 15 - 2017)

After: transfer to the Rosarium tank

(July 5 - 2017)

Meet Gaia & Pyxis

(may both be yellow banded Premnas biaculeatus... males only show coloration when adult)



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Gaia just performed an outstanding feat by first dislodging then grabbing Rosam to move it to their favorite daytime resting spot !! All without damaging, tearing or bruising a SINGLE CELL !! No Aquarist could ever do that... All the while Pyxis kept cleaning the area and moving gravel around...

It's clear that Gaia keeps an eye on Rosae too...


from dawn 'till dusk

5:00 AM... Gaia and Pyxis spent the night close to Rosae. After waking up they move to greet the caretaker having his coffee and thinking of adding a few rocks for Rosam: Gaia seemed to approve. Pyxis then spent the whole day watching over Rosam while Gaia managed to convince Rosae to move up a little... She clearly has a working strategy !! In the evening they both reunited and watched over Rosam together... All while getting six food distributions throughout the day. 

Well mated and stunningly beautiful Marroon couple provided by Incredible Aquarium 

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Amazing Teamwork

After setting up Rosam... Moving Rosae to higher grounds... Gaia now focuses on Rosa... Pyxis was assigned permanent watch over Rosam while our chief architect implements it's aquascaping strategy !! We did feed all three anemones this morning: Gaia & Pyxis were thrilled to discover SBMarine's own Marinara Puree on their menu. Their portions however can contain additional fresh crushed raw garlic and select nutritional items...