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2019 will bring several upgrades to the NYX tank

NYX is passing from juvenile to sub-adult... and with that comes the true nature of an Angel... His territorial instincts are starting to overwhelm him... This caused us many headaches in 2018. Trying to find compatible tank mates was to say the least difficult. Same with Corals... So we'll sum this up short and sweet: The first few months: Zippy (Stenopus hispidus) went along fine until it started stealing the Rhodactis leftovers. NYX considers them part of his territory. It got worse when Zippy tried to snatch the SBMarine Marinara Puree from him... Lesson learned: Chaetodontoplus mesoleucus doesn't tolerate shrimps even very large ones. 

His tank was covered with Sabelas of which he became fond and in three months he cleared them all, which is good ! We're glad NYX gets a treat now and then   :) .   

We now have three types of Corals that we know for a fact NYX will never destroy: Rhodactis - Discosoma - Anthelia. So the Anthelia colony from the EOS tank was added to the existing frag. In order to see them prosper the lighting set up will be upgraded to 10,000 Kelvin CFL bulbs. 

NYX just got a new tankmate

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This Chromis was salvaged from the AEGIS tank January 22 2019... He's too fast for NYX so we'll see how it goes...

Our Nudibranch colony found a new haven with NYX

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These Nudibranch appeared in the EOS tank in 2017... and started disappearing in 2018 when ZIP (Stenopus hispidus) developped a taste for them...  We then siphoned a few specimens in the Smooch tank... and later added a few to the NYX tank. They have been there several months and NYX doesn't even bother with them... Good News !



SBMarine's budget runs on vapors since the 2014 - 2017 & recent Aiptasia mishaps... It will be a while for us to get new healthy specimens... So the Nyx tank will remain on standby. Of course if anything worthwhile of interest happens we will inform you. As you know NYX is extremely difficult to photograph and since we have a few GOOD shots of him... ENJOY

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Depending on Mood, Background and Health condition: Chromis will adapt it's coloration from intense metallic green to intense metallic blue. This serves as camouflage in some cases. Chromis is seen here to the right of it's SLEEPING quarters (under the rock). All marine fishes go to sleep at night in their individual rest areas: some even wrap themselves in a mucus cocoon (Wrasses for example) to further the camouflage.



Vitamin A... Rings a bell ?

Please do not attempt keeping any Marine Fish specy if you can't provide Vitamin A through their diet ! A lack of Vitamin A automaticaly translates into Temporary Blindness. The most obvious visible sign in fishes behaviour is swimming across the tank and always bumping into the glass panels at either end... Constant High Stress is obviously noticeable as well as a misdiagnosed lack of appetite... 

You have to take into account that there are Algaevore and Carnivore fishes. It represents two different approachs.

Getting Vitamin A to Algaevores is easier since you can feed them Fresh LIVE Caulerpa sp. Most true algae are rich in Vitamin A. The basic SBMarine Marinara puree for all fishes contains Carrots, various Caulerpa sp. and Beef Liver which is rich in Vitamin A amongst other vital nutrients. Beef liver is NOT meat, it's not a muscle so Algaevores will digest it: no problem.

In the case of Carnivores like EOS who get it from the fishes they eat in the wild: occasional portions of raw uncooked liver are perfect and if you can sandwhich Marinara Puree in liver slices or raw Pacific Shrimp... Everything becomes crystal clear for all your friends !!

Since you cannot grow true algae in an Algaevore's tank, the task must be accomplished in a seperate tank. On a coral sand bed. There they will attach to gravel and form clusters that serve as anchor. This way fishes can nibble, bite, pull at them when eating without seeing the alga drift away. It also keeps the Alga alive for days and sometimes weeks. Task impossible to achieve with plastic feeding clips.

NOTE: At video start Chromis rushes to his lair when hearing the camera chime. Then moving from bottom right corner a young orange Nudibranch drifts towards NYX (It's their way of crossing large distances). If you then concentrate on the blue area above Chromis you will notice tiny white specs moving slowly. There are much more but the camera is focused on a specific depth field which only shows these. If I tried focusing on this micro plankton it would be impossible. This technical problem is obvious in the Gaïa & Pixys tank.