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The true nature of an Angel... is to rule

So be it. NYX now oversees his domain with no stress at all and has excellent company. He is becoming a sub-adult with all the assurance a true angelfish can demonstrate... He may look timid but don't let appearances fool you... He is wise in delimiting his estate in captivity as well as in the wild !! We're slowly learning what type of corals are best suited aroud him and discovered that he can develop a fascinating relationship with Stenopus hispidus. The Vermiculate Angelfish is probably one the most interesting fish I ever encountered. It is difficult to establish visual and verbal communication with it: Yes... fishes can hear sounds through their swim bladder and they recognize words (sounds) associated with actions (maintenance, feeding, etc). Fishes also see outside of their tank over 30 feet.... so NYX sees me coming with grocery bags for the Lab from quite a distance :)   You should know by now that all fishes constantly observe their caretaker... No joke. Taming a Grouper for example is a piece of cake... With NYX it translates into hours, days and weeks of sitting motionless to establish visual contact while moving in slow motion :)  NYX will react to any movement of your eyes, fingers, hands so if you add voice instructions to this communications learning process: you might as well be consistent and have lots of time ahead of you !!

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After a year of frolicking in several tanks and eating away his days... He's ready to start anew with a close friend... and charm you.

This healthy colony of 10 (1/2 to 3/4 inch) was provided by Canada Corals. Could they be Rhodactis inchoata as the ones we featured back in 2013 ? (12 specimens ranging from 8 to 12 inches in diameter)


Two spectacular Red Rhodactis struggled

to stay alive during the plumbing work and we managed to salvage them in this tank.

Both specimens provided by Incredible Aquarium. (thanks Bill)

Well... ZIPPY is on the prowl this morning; looks like he's hungry (as usual)... He probably remembers the conversation with NYX yesterday though; because the minute the camera started clicking away with chimes, he cautiously backed off.

Notice how NYX first catches my attention... then moves over the Rhodactis to meet ZIPPY...

Okay... Okay... I get it you're both hungry

Time flyes: lunchtime already...

We promise you a Complete Special File on nutrition: a month or two from now. Today we feature one of our numerous menus. It is fed every three or four days. The eyedropper is for distribution to anemones.


Did you know you must hand FEED Rhodactis anemones... 


Group of 10 Rhodactis above and 2 unidentified anemones below (to the left might be Discosoma) were salvaged in time and start showing coloration. Rhodactis will be a mixture of Metallic Green and Blue with intense Red.


All anemones have resumed eating...

There is no better sign of good health


Depending on Specie and menu: digestion time is from 10 to 45 minutes

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gallery/nyx plate coralline frag

This 1/4 inch Anthelia sp. frag was taken from mother colony in EOS tank... And it's doing fine with NYX who shows no interest in it at all... We rest assured he won't be eating it away :)

We grew this Plate Coralline colony (unidentified) onto a small rock from the mother bunch in the EOS tank. It has adapted well to the NYX tank.