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EOS tank II



Mission Accomplished:

EOS has a Stabilized Tank

Tank Management

Advanced Notions

- Tank now runs exclusively on NATURAL SEA SALT MIX

- Lighting is adjusted to provide optimum conditions for Soft Corals 6,500K

- True Algae get maximum lighting conditions for fast growth (elimination of Nitrates)


an essential component of any SBMarine Biological System

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ZIP had another molt yesterday morning. And it was without problems as usual... Ever since ZIP got to our Lab as a tiny 1/2 inch juvenile: she has shed her exoskeletons like a breeze !

Here is one essential reason: these cuticule skeletons are left in the tank. As you can see ZIP needs to replenish on vital metabolic components !

When eating ZIP always returns to her lair with whatever she has found: polycheta worms, Marinara Puree...

You will not find a single SBMarine tank without this vital component essential to the health and development of any Crustacean and countless Molluscs. From planktonic crustaceans such as 'Pods to all Shrimp and Lobster species... to many Bivalves and a plethora of strange animals... Chitin is a sine qua non to survival for all of them. And they all need a source of Chitin that can be eaten or filtered in order for them to prosper. This is why 'Pods play an important role in assuring a constant supply of it that is readily available. Some Crustaceans will only eat their own Exoskeletons: others will eat exclusively Chitin from other species and some do both. Chitin (cuticule) covers the outer shell of Blue Mussels for example: it prevents sea water from dissolving their shell !! If you plan on introducing any bivalve to a tank you have to make sure they will be able to rely on it. Even on solid ground Chitin is vital: the nails on humans (cuticule) can be considered as exoskeletons also since they harden the tips of the fingers and give them more strength and resistance...

Remember when we emphasize the fact that a Marine Biological System is a highly specialized environment where all animal and vegetable life forms are carefully selected to complement each other in harmony... Balance of interactions is the key. In a Marine tank you don't do what you DESIRE: you do what you MUST !!