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back to basics




If you've been through the ORION briefing before...

Then you know that this will not exactly be a Dream tank to look at... for now.

However you will witness step by step the long and winding road to glory  :)

As you know it takes a year to cycle a basic tank and two to four years for specific reproduction tanks !!

The Magic in steps 1 - 2 - 3 is that you get a self sustaining Marine Biological System

(a sort of perpetual motion)

In other words a micro universe where all specimens plants and animals complement each other in harmony towards a working micro system. There is no need for a plethora of outside equipment to run it. Tank management becomes intuitive and fun without relying on constant modification of water chemistry or maintenance of costly accessories. All this becomes possible if  you care to become an experienced Aquarist.

Two survivors now inhabit the AEGIS tank: two healthy Chromis

(from the one Rock tank)

The single most important thing to know about them is that they are Plankton feeders. You're all familiar by now with Copepods and Amphipods... but our tanks also host several other species of much smaller non-parasitic Zooplankton. They are unidentified for now... Most are active swimmers that rarely rest on surfaces and all are prolific !! Our two Chromis have a craving for these. Of course they might slow down and inspect the tank sides for small amphipods foraging through GHA or on biofilm... In the following clips you will see them inspect the water surface for additional food (like crumbled freeze dried Mysis or other treats) but the surface is pristine with not a single food particle. It's 5:00 AM and the larger Chromis is slower to wake up but it joins it's mate a few minutes later.

Enough to make you dizzy: it's best to follow the movement of the mouths only

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Everything went fine until May June and July 2018

when we got several new Rock & Coral Frags

We only noticed the problem in August and immediately applied the standard SBMarine procedure to remedy the disaster... We thought this had resolved the issue and resumed the cycling of the AEGIS tank... How wrong could we be by assuming that everything was Okay... It happened to us even though we are well aware of this commercial problem.... So it can most definitely happen to any of you unfortunately...