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                    the AEGIS tank 2019 tutorial

gallery/tiny discosoma
gallery/red rhodactis

                                 After four days... Tank condition is GOOD

This tiny unidentified Discosoma was the perfect indicator of tank conditions. It is very sensitive to water chemistry and lighting... obviously it is very content in the Aegis tank...

                    ... Ditto for the Red Rhodactis

gallery/unknown non parasitic
gallery/reds rho devil

We sprinkled Live Sand from the NYX and GAÏA tanks and placed small rocks to seed the tank with nitrifying bacteria, 'Pods, etc... This yet unidentified specimen is already going about happily....

                      ... to the right... the Red Devil Coral...

gallery/two dying..

                        Two Survivors or Two Victims ? We'll soon find out...

gallery/red 17h13 b
gallery/sinu 17h13

Three days later... both - patients - are in the exact same condition. The Red Devil & Sinularia seem to want to struggle... Their chances of recovery are slim but there is hope...

25 February 2019: both soft corals are long gone but the test Rhodactis and Discosoma are doing fine..