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An introduction to the SBMarine Biological Filter Concept

( to be published soon)

What's all this hubbub about Polyester ... Sunday Ecologists are still confused ! It seems that those part time environementalists will never know the difference between Actions, Consequences and Industry. They almost seem to be inhabitants of another world, as their sense of reality is distorted. Their attention is focused on their public image as populist political demagogues… Leaching their agendas through biased media… Giving us only the worst disinformation and manipulation can deliver. The most recent example being the so-called Global Warming Mission in Antarctica. WOW…Talk about a missed goal !!! Several Icebreakers from all over the globe were literally trapped trying to rescue the ship: prisoner of the thickest ice cap for decades ! When interviewed about the matter: it’s Captain avoided the question by saying that it was – OLD ICE – !!!


But I digress ... Let us return to Polyester.

It’s all over the Eco-Activist Press: - Polyester should be banned and its production, even completely forbidden ... - It's a rather heavy statement coming from oddballs who generally don’t know their left from their right. Their show is topped with tearful pictures of whales, turtles or fish trapped in Polyester nets, Polyester rope, Polyester twine and plastic debris of all kinds. Well… I personally, and in a more pronounced fashion than many, really sympathize with those innocent victims !!! Except that I don’t exploit them for stupid socio/communist agit-prop purposes…
Polyester is not the issue here: Human Negligence (almost criminal): YES !!! So why designate Polyester Industry as a scapegoat ?  Marine life faced the same problem centuries ago when nets and ropes were made from hemp. These (supposedly well-meaning) activists should undergo class actions: for causing Audio-Visual Pollution and even shameful waste of public funds. Thanks to generous grants, loans and assistance some of these groups get. All in all, it seems that welfare states and big government subsidize  their own self-promotion.... Really !! If you-please, wake the sleeping…

Polyester is a remarkable product, for the same reasons decried by you know who. And I'll tell you why. Polyester does not rot: In fact it is indestructible.  And this quality alone makes it one of the most essential and useful products in marine environement applications of all kinds ! These same qualities that are turned into negativistic propaganda offer the best solution for designers truly concerned with Ecological causes.

Everyone nowadays sits or lies on Polyester. Polyester is superior to many traditional upholstering material since it is not as easily compressed. It can be washed, bleached, javelised, boiled… and is re-usable. Therefore Polyester is recyclable. I got interested in Polyester when I was secretary of my soaring club. Unlike nylon, it’s not stretched easily, making it the ideal towing cable. It can be braided manually allowing to attach metallic rings without knots. All glider pilots know nodes break when they are under extreme stress. A Polyester Tow cable resists abrasion, giving it a remarkable lifespan. It is UV-resistant and fade proof ...

All these properties are precisely those sought by designers of marine applications. When it comes to filtering water, it’s even better !!! Please take note that polyester is also Non-Toxic.
At SBMarine we don’t use Polyester Wool: even though it is still a great mechanical filtration medium.  


It's a different story today with Biological Filtration (Marine Biological System) and Polyester Membranes. These Biological Filters (biotic, for purists) are Permanent and Maintenance Free !!! They are literally block-proof (organic matter dœs not accumulate on or through it).

So ?


Who's at War with polyester ? - Not me !