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July & August 2018 brought major heatwaves and many new specimens to the EOS tank...

You should first view this link to comprehend the following discussion:

1) Intense heatwaves & Humidex factor

2) Uncontrolled Temperature Increase

- Lowered Oxygen Content

- Addition of many new specimens

- Increased Filtration Load

- Sharp rise in Ammonia & Nitrite levels

1 & 2 could have been handled by a more powerful Air Conditioning unit

All year round temperature in the EOS tank varies from 25 to 27 Celsius... which is good for sensitive species such as Anthelia and Cespitularia which don't tolerate very well temperatures above this. However with an underpowered Air Conditioner we saw dramatic increases up to 32 Celsius in July and August... These extremes instantly lower the dissolved oxygen content and thus the capacity of Biological Filtration...

So it's Lesson Learned and we will get a new unit in 2019 !

SBMarine Oxygen Reactor will solve all other issues listed at 25/27 Celsius

Up until 16 August all Corals were doing Okay... However that morning we noticed an unmistakable sign of Biological Breakdown: the water was slightly blurred... We installed the Reactor and it will now be a permanent and integral part of the EOS tank.

Biological Filtration to sustain Corals, Fish, Anemones and Invertebrates requires all the Dissolved Oxygen available in a tank.  All those specimens need this oxygen to breathe...  When Corals were added to the EOS tank from June to August they all required additional specialized feedings which were not mandatory with the pre-existing collection. These target feedings include cooked Cyclops, various commercial preparations for Corals and also SBMarine's own mix. So the Marine Biological System soon became overloaded with much waste which it couldn't recycle fully because of temperature, increased volumes of Nitrites and Ammonia which in turn again lowered the oxygen content... But worse: Ammonia kills everything in a tank if not eliminated !!!

The only solution is to get that Ammonia OUT of the tank: luckily this is what our Oxygen Reactor does best !

16 August 2018 (8:00 PM)

ALL SPECIMENS are doing fine

New prototypes are being developped for 2019 and will be tailored for specific tanks and needs