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Natural Reproduction of Large Symbiotic Anemone

ROSA at SBMarine

(Sunday April 9 - 2017)

Woke up at 4:45 this morning with a strange feeling... What do you know ROSA had a huge statement to make.... I had to charge camera battery first ! Something is telling me that ROSA appreciates her home. Well the lights finally turned on to display natural reproduction by fission of ROSA !! And it's also a beautiful warmer sunshiny spring morning in Montreal... Amen !!


Below is an illustrated hourly update of the fission process... We'll let you know eventually who is ROSA and who is ROSAE.

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gallery/rosa rep a2
gallery/rosa rep a3
gallery/rosa rep a4
gallery/rosa rep a5
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Sunday 9 April - 2017

4:45 AM to 6:26 AM 

From 7:50 AM to 9:11 AM 

Video 2

9:15 AM

Video 3

12:00 NOON 

Video 4 

2:38 PM

Video 5 

4:25 PM

ROSAE is now a permanent member of the SBMarine family !!

gallery/smooches rosae 1

The only time Smooches doesn't brutally attack the caretaker is when ROSA is hand fed... Makes us wonder if she has secret intentions or if she simply won't bite the feeding hand... She discretely watched the reproduction process from a distance.