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Discover Cosmic Part 2 - Suite 1

Discus - Arawana - Green Iguana

Part 2 - Suite 1

NOTE: As you all know I've been in the watery business all my life. On my off-duty and leisure time always. I had to work to pay the rent like everyone else. I also designed the world's first Stand-Alone: Extruded Polystyrene Tank with only One Glass Panel. I never intended to get a patent to commercialize it. For what purpose: make money on the back of ignorant would-be aquarists within a global network of mercantilist and fraudulent LFS's ? Ain't my cup of tea brother/sister. For 8 years I occupied a flat with a huge concrete basement and a drain in the middle. It took me two years to finally understand the mechanics of assembly and construction. So I would build everything from scratch and wait.... days weeks months after filling with water 30-75-100-200 gallon tanks... Thousands of gallons of water came bursting onto the concrete floor ... and into the drain... One Day I finally got the picture right and the stand-alones became safe and operational prototypes. Ultimately they were designed to be fitted into any style and type of cabinet or exterior housing (casing). Not to forget a thin inner lining that was non-toxic and withstood grinding, biting, tearing, drilling (whatever) inflicted by Freshwater and Salt Water Specimens (like glass but much lighter). That's when all the Discus... and Arawana... and Pirahna... and Iguana... stuff came about... I was very busy. (1994 / 2000)



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There is (or will be posted soon) plenty of material in the manuscript (Book Two)

on all these factually documented topics.

But here begins our Journey Far Beyond