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Here is a word that deserves some thought considering the awful political state this planet  is being brought down to by Professional Ignoramus Oxymorons Worldwide. These video clips are masterpieces of craftsmanship for they outline the exact same issues... 55 years apart !

Our so-called science which can barely keep up with just NAMING things much less comprehend our Universe: only perpetuates Evil. By placing such tools in the hands of fools and butchers... But the worse part is that millions of people that could do something just sit there on their thumbs doing nothing...

Now to all of you crybabies, millenials, oxymorons or whatever out there know this: until these criminals, gangsters, dictators and corrupt professional politicians are prosecuted and sentenced... nothing will ever change on this, and I'm sorry to put it this way, planet of apes...

History and Facts

I don't have the details at hand on the following, but you can look it up yourselves, so I'll go by memory alone...

Sometime in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century... A group of researchers decyphered the Pharmacopée of the Mayans... Which were more or less nothing more but Witches Brews... Involving the mixing and fermentation and incubation of bacteria with animal blood (frogs, insects etc)... Witches Brews can be potent and deadly and represent a threat to humanity. This is no joke it's historic and well documented...... the name alone should send shivers down your spine: MYXOMATOSE

So one French scientist part of the team decided to test on site one formula to kill small mamals... And it worked... This oxymoron had no idea what he was playing with... And he nevertheless decided once back on his native soil (France) to immediately use it in his garden infested with moles... Now that'll be better and easier than whacking them, right (?)... Over a short period the disease spread like wildfire through the entire population of wild hares (Lapins de Garenne) in entire France !!! It is a very scary and very painful disease by the way... Just so you know.

Luckily for all of us... He didn't add drops of his own blood in that Satanic Concoction... 

Whoooo that was close


Mob Lynchings - Fast Trials - Impeachments - Corrupt Justice - Deep State Traitors

All very intricate issues obviously. Very complicated it seems. Too hot or dangerous to handle safely say some. My My My listen to that... Only a Select (self-proclaimed) Elite is capable of handling it all... Why my dad would steam up just hearing this.

All that is needed folks are Nations of individuals who rise up to face Tyranny: Together. You see it wasn't all that hard.

Have Gun Will Travel season 1 episode 12