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Part One -  Suite 1

2020 promises to be fabulous for the Free World and Conservatives worldwide

We are experiencing the most important historical events in over 100 years. The Free World will either vanish or come back to it's senses, no less. And as you may have noticed; the Citizens of our beloved civilization are taking the matter more seriously then ever.

First... BREXIT 2020. The citizens of England have expressed LOUD & CLEAR what they expect from their government. And Prime Minister Boris Johnson will deliver the goods he was elected upon: in the same manner that President Donald J. Trump is fulfilling campaign promises one after the other !  People are fed up with corrupt professional politicians and unelected bureaucrats. Socialism and Communism don't work, never have and never will: they only profit a so-called elite which enriches ITSELF through absolute control of POWER. The best example of this being the C.C.P. or Chinese Communist Party. On a population of 3,5 billion only 185 millions are Members of the C.C.P. and they control everything with an iron fist: what you think, what you say, what you see, what you eat, where you live, where you work... The C.C.P. owns everything including your life and your destiny. The problem is not with the chinese people who are tragically endoctrinated slaves to a so-called elite. I support the people of Hong-Kong by the way. They are brave, courageous and determined in fighting a corrupt dictatorial totalitarian regime. They ought to be an example of dignity and pride in living freely: to the ignorant and insane millenials, snowflakes and crybabies of the Free World !!

I had predicted a favorable 2017 BREXIT vote... as early as 2016 on my GOOGLE Plus personnal web page. As well as a Trump Victory in 2016... Unfortunately I cannot provide you with links to the writings because GOOGLE shut down it's Google+ website in 2019 !!! So you'll have to take my word for it. I lost years of hard work invested in this.


Secondly... The November 2020 elections in the United States. President Trump will most likely be re-elected in a landslide ! Other hotspots should be monitored closely such as the conservative VOX party in Spain... The comeback of Matteo Salvini this month in Italy... Viktor Orban in Hungary... The transformations going on in Poland. All represent clear signals that the Franco-German project which is absolute Tyranny is about to be rejected by a growing number of Nations who will claim their Sovereignty back.


But to understand what is really going on: you must be able to differentiate two things from one another.



1)  Scale Down Government & Bureaucracy - Reduce Regulations - Reduce Taxes - Keep Government Out of your Privacy - Keep Government Out of Education Control - Keep Government Out of Housing Regulations - Keep Government Out of Healthcare...

(you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with these topics and many more when we get to SBMarine's 2019 Top Reads further below)


2) Increase Size of Goverment & Bureaucracy - Regulate everything (communism basically) - Increase Taxes relentlessly (until these socialist useless idiots run out of OTHER People's money) - Control Every Aspects of Education - Control Housing Regulations (by destroying existing communities amongst other things) - TOTAL Control over all Healthcare aspects... - Enrich a so-called ruling elite at the expense of everyone else...

I'm tempted to add that some should be called: Uranium Enriched... it's a historical fact :)

(you will have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with these topics and many more when we get to SBMarine's 2019 Top Reads further below)

Thirdly... The implementation of the USMCA which replaces NAFTA at long last... In this case I can provide documented facts. I have been opposed to this attempt at institutionalising a Socialist Grab on Economy even before day one ! In fact I participated in what was the First Public Internet Consultation ever worldwide authorised by a National Assembly ! Now my Personal Opinions are safely secured in the Quebec National Assembly Archives... I'll say it again: I have always been a Conservative (provincial & federal) and always will be.

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Best Reads 2019 / 2020

Refresher Note: a book can be written BY someone or ABOUT someone... Of course any opinion about it  is purely subjective. Depending on your political views for instance... or that of the author. However as you all know we at SBMarin - SBMarine favor FACTS over fantasy, lies, entertainment and especially: demagoguery...

Sometimes you must sift through a book written by a strongly biased author to get Facts unavailable anywhere else. Which is the case for this first one on our list.  :)

In Canada: you can check all of these publications at Rakuten kobo. We have found them to be secure, fast and reliable... We post reviews there occasionally.  (eBooks are a benediction for people with poor sight)


gallery/devil's bargain (joshua green)


gallery/unfreedom of the press (mark levin)


gallery/the big lie (dinesh d'souza)
gallery/stealing america (dineh d'souza)


gallery/spygate (dan bongino)


Cyber Threats are part of our landscape more than ever: don't let them down YOUR business.

In today's real world, you need real experts not kitchen top code writers... I invite you to tour my nephew's solutions. Pierre started out at Bombardier Aerospace, mathematics was his strenghth in high-school, and he moved on to other things, and other specialties, and on and on.  One day (probably like Paganini) he decided enough practice and he moved on to founding his own business: there's no life like having A life. And Arcadia saw the light of day. You can view his profile in the - our team - menu.

By the way Pierre Roberge (yes my nephew) built everything from scratch just like his parents did. His mother Rachel Bériault Roberge tended two huge tomato greenhouses which she sold on the roadside amongst endless exhausting tasks. She later moved on to work for the Canadian Space Agency where she remained until her retirement. Pierre's father built their estate's house himself. He was a Commercial Plate Specialist with Eastman Kodak. They had a few cattle heads, a chicken coop, a small hand made lake fed by a stream filled with trout (delicious)... So Pierre knew of hard work early in life.

Voilà all is said



 Best Read EVER

To those of my generation there are but two valid contributors to responsible aquariophilia. Jean Jaubert and Heiko Bleher through their respective fields of activity have propelled all of us concerned (the hobby especially) out of Cheap Mercantilism and Destructive Practices. We owe them so much thanks to their professionalism, dedication, knowledge, imagination, hard relentless work and research...


In Bleher's Discus Volume 1 you will begin to grasp the meaning of the Part One Intro to Discover Cosmic... Be warned that it is an extremely expensive hardcover book and probably hard to obtain... But is the only book you will ever need since it covers EVERYTHING without the commercial BS (scuse my french).

Heiko and his collaborators have produced a masterpiece.


In addition you will not only discover fishes but a galaxy of topics that will take you to unexplored dimensions. I garantee. Heiko identifies with facts the causes of environmental issues that have nothing to do with global warming but are simply the produce of Man Made Disasters... You might be interested in the bizarre diet of Discus and other species that relate to alkaloïds and hallucinogens... Or perhaps the presence of Nazi activity in the Amazon way before 1939... Did you know that Heiko Bleher was the first entrepreneur to confront and expose publicly the Hard Narcotics Cartels who thought they could buy his services and cover ? There is only one pre-requisite to this breathtaking adventure: You Must Enjoy Reading....   :)  You will also explore the Culture of the people of Brazil which is refreshing and inspiring. Heiko's legacy is simply amazing !

The photographs below are from my personal copy of Bleher's Discus volume I

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 Without Heiko Bleher's generosity in dispensing his knowledge... I would never have been able to breed and rear successfully Discus in a Black Arawana (12 inch female Arrowana) tank... yes you read correctly: in a Black Arawana (12 inch female Arrowana) tank back in the early 90's. The experience was captivating !


Neither could I have succeeded with Pigocentrus Piraya (probably Serrasalmus Nattereri). A 12 inch female and 9 inch male that I got as juveniles... To my knowledge in those years they had only been reproduced in Germany (if my memory still serves me: Stuttgart Zoological Garden) and the University of Chicago. I stopped after three broods because since Piranhas are dedicated and excellent parents what can you do with 10,000 Piranhas... Sell them to your friends ? Sell them to Pet Shops ? Oh maybe wholesale them to the local distributors... I've got news for you. You will never make a dime out of it: Period ! You'll need a commercial licence, a registered company, very costly installations. It's a full time operation: where will you find the time ? Come on grow out of it.

If you are the kind that believes every libtard propaganda on the web then you really are an Oxymoron... 

Yup you really are...  :)

WARNING: I do not condone the author nor the person in question... Evil is everywhere Left & Right... also making profit in communist china while claiming otherwise... So I'll leave it up to you to untangle this viper's nest.