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Part 2


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Part One is all about a parallel between a father and son. It is about Education, Knowledge, Traditions, Cultural heritage and so much more... Not that I expect it will interest anyone... except passionate Aquarists who might discover how Aquariophilia can lead to amazing discoveries about the Universe we live in...


Part Two should be considered as the Revised Edition of my unpublished manuscript given the fact that I had to get out of Switzerland... with my jeans and my running shoes December 25 - 2003...  I had gone severely ill fast with no knowledge of what was happening to me... When I collapsed in Montreal: I found myself in the Acute Emergency for weeks after being diagnosed with the very deadly S.A.R.S. (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) which had only recently been discovered that same year... I underwent an agonizing and life threatening Six Hours Surgery... That alone left me completely incapacited for... years... I couldn't think, talk or live my life normally... until 2006. It wasn't all: in april 2004 I woke up with excruciating pain and couldn't breathe. The people I rented a room from thought I was having a heart attack and called an ambulance... I had a perforated lung (oedème perforé) and an Angina attack simultaneously... (wasn't my day).

When I got out of the hospital I moved to an old friend's house with whom I had gone to College (Saint-Hubert, on the opposite side of the Saint-Hubert Military Base). René was one son of a French Officer dispatched for the historical visit of Général De Gaulle to Quebec: in fact he had been the Commanding Officer of the Bureau de l'Armée de l'Air in Germany (1945) when it was divided into 4 distinct areas. There I managed to print several copies of my manuscript to send to the 8 largest French Editors/Publishers... I wasn't naïve... In this day and age you don't send a book to an editor in the hope of having it published unless you have HOOKS (know what I mean ?). I simply wanted to see the replies, if any... I also Notaried the printed version of the original that was on a 2.0 Swiss USB key and kept a work copy on my LapTop... But René suffered throat cancer and I had to find a place I could afford to settle in. Both digital copies of my manuscript were damaged by God knows who... who had access to my appartment, the same I occupy today (2020). I call it the Hell Hole neighborhood because I experienced several effractions, home invasions etc.... Result: both digital copies of my manuscript were lost to the ravages of time...

All responses from the Largest French Editors were negative... Except one which said it all. It was the person in charge of the Reading Committee (Comité de Lecture) who make the final recommandation... She included a personal letter with the official reply. She said that if it was only up to her: - I would already be accepted and published... But her boss had other commercial priorities to attend to... -

No Swiss Newspaper ever hired me... but through contacts I got to know several Chief Editors and my Open Letters were published throughout Suisse Romande. One I really wanted to get through... however in Switzerland I knew it was an absolute heresy... Nevertheless that Chief Editor asked me if he could keep an archived copy for posterity  :) and asked for a short - revised - version (just in case).

Opportunies arose often for me over there but I had neither the time... personal interest or financial ressources to join in. For instance when the local soaring club invited me with open arms to join the club, I had to decline this tremendous opportunity. Back in Quebec I had been administrator of the F.A.Q. (Fédération Aéronautique du Québec) - F.V.V.Q. (Fédération de Vol à Voile du Québec) - Champlain Soaring Club where our Chief Flight Instructor had been a Canadian Forces jet pilot, transferred to Groupe Marcel Dassault where he provided Advanced Flying Techniques on Sailplanes to french jet pilots. He was also an Instructor at Fayences-Tourette Soaring Club.

gallery/marc beloeil

This was my elder brother Marc (co-owner of the Beloeil Airport in the 70's). In Cambodia he had suffered terribly. One day he disappeared mysteriously and for 24 hours couldn't be found... He was lying agonizing on the floor of a shower with DENGUE fever... The French Military knew this disease well and managed to save him... Later when the fighting got closer to Phnom Penh with bombings that could be seen and heard: all Foreigns were evacuated in extremis.. It took over 48 hours for the old battered Front Loading Bréguet Merchant Plane to arrive... All the while Marc had been kneeling and praying in the middle of the Terminal (more like a large chicken coop than a building).

This being said I hope God has forgiven him because I never have... Marc was many things in his life. He was my idol when I was young... how wrong can you be... It took me a lifetime to understand and accept the facts as they were... He was in the military as a second Lieutenant and was court-martialed and later pardoned by a General... He was a teacher at high-school level... He was an Astrologer and Tarot teacher (got published also)... But basically he was a hardcore communist bent on destroying Canada and Quebec through the so-called sovereignist movement... He was on my mother's side sort of... He also was co-founder of the disastrous and pathetic Association des Gens de l'Air du Québec (in the 70's) located in the same offices as the F.A.Q. .

Ten years later I began my pilot experiences at another airport on the south-shore of Montreal: Saint-Antoine-sur-Richelieu where my Club was located. The A.G.A.Q. was abruptly shut down for unspeakable reasons. You see the F.A.Q. regrouped all involved in aeronautics: the Quebec Bush Pilot Association - The Soaring Clubs - the Ultra-Light Clubs - the Sky-Divers - the Kite Flyers Association etc...  Was I ever relieved when this happened...

Vers une Nouvelle Philosophie de l'Art

Towards a New Philosophy of Art

The following gentleman I would like you to meet was the most beneficial human being I have ever known. He had an aura of dignity, while even though he did not talk very much, would strike at your very soul and mind... He was a Missionary... His name was Jean Pruche or Père Pruche as I affectionately called him as a child. He was Raymond's closest friend ever...

Jean Pruche (Dominican O.P. - order of preachers -)

He established a Mission in one of those Mosquito infested regions of Africa... Where he as best he could tried to alleviate the suffering of so many... These mosquitoes transmit a terrible disease to man: Malaria to which there is no cure. It is essential that you know and understand that the Dominican Order was the only Order of the Holy See to have pledged vows of POVERTY !! Sharing the same ideal as their Lutheran counterparts. Their presence was greatly appreciated by the population of Alsace (for instance) at times when Plague, Tuberculosis and Syphilis decimated Europe. 

Pére Pruche visited us at our winter retreat in the Eastern Townships where I was working hard to become eventually a part of the Canadian B National Ski Team... It was several months before Raymond died, at Christmas time, and did we ever have a Holy Christmas ... Père Pruche had returned from Africa decimated by Malaria and dad was dying...


He accepted later a job as Philosophy and Theology teacher at University of Sherbrooke (Sherbrooke, quebec) where he remained the rest of his life and just like dad worked until his last breath... He lived on the third floor a modest appartment house on top of a hill... He never received visitors because the living room area was cluttered with a huge work table (10 feet by 6 feet) surrounded with wood reserved for modeling purposes... Electronic equipment, Radio-Control equipment, a plethora of tools... there were no chairs, no sofas... There was a modest kitchen and what should have been a bedroom was in fact his office with a large wooden desk on which sat the most advanced typewriter of the time... His sleeping quarters were ridiculously small... It was 1976 when I witnessed all this when I had called him to know if he would receive my visit. So I got there on my Suzuki 400cc, the first four-stroke bike produced by Suzuki (my Wheelie Machine)...

On the huge work table stood a piece of art under construction, entirely hand-built !! He designed it according to the original blueprints he had obtained from the Marine Nationale in Paris...

It was a replica (to the millimeter) of a historic warship: the Battleship Jean Bart on which his father served as a Medical Officer starting in 1939... It's sister ship was the Battleship Richelieu and both were the most advanced ships France had ever designed !!

In 1939 both Battleships were still in their Shipyards and under construction... When the Germans invaded France in 1940: the French Admiralty rushed the Jean Bart to open seas and that story alone of how they accomplished the feat is extraordinary. The Richelieu was also rushed to open sea... It had a very special cargo: 2,000 tonnes of Gold from the Bank of France, all Belgian gold reserves and that of Poland in Exile !!! However the British and American Admiralties didn't see the process with a good eye... They feared the Battleships would fall into ennemy hands or worse were manned by crews hostile to Free France... So they relentlessly tried to sink both Battleships !!! It took years of intense negotiations (until 1943) to convince them of the Good Intententions of the French Navy to put an end to all this nonsense... The Richelieu stood proudly at the signing of the Rendition of Japan, no less. 12 september 1945 Admiral Mountbatten, Général Leclerc and Capitaine de Vaisseau - Merveilleux du Vignaux -, commander of the Richelieu, receive the Capitulation of Japan. On this occasion, Singapour is Liberated.

This ain't no Fake News: it's Factual History !!!


And all of the above can be easily verified by anyone.

The - Université de Sherbrooke - put Père Pruche's Masterpiece on Permanent Display (last I checked)

gallery/père pruche

Père Pruche had a modest wooden summer retreat (bare essentials) on the banks of Lake Memphremagog near Sherbrooke that he would reach on his MOPED. This is the chair from which he guided his Radio-Controlled Battleship.

La Cité de Dieu et la cité terrestre - The City of God and the earthly city

La Cité de Dieu par Saint-Augustin

(an 404)

In my manuscript I outlined that after joining the Secular Clergy his work became without any valor for he had to climb in the hierarchy (to reach his ultimate objective). The Clergy thought they had made a great deal with him because of his sinful past and that his conversion would consolidate it's dominance and power... His endless pamphlets were insignificant but he did write four books however that gained recognition... Augustine's life consisted in two folds: his - civilian - life as a rhethorician and afterwards: his priesthood. He was born in the year 354 and died in the year 430. His father was a romanized pagan of small scale according to his mother (a devout Christian). Monique (later Sainte-Monique) was a Berber/Touareg (an authentic Blue Blood)... Just like with Nietzsche one must absorb a lot of his life's history in order to understand his Masterpiece: The C ity of God. Keep in mind that the context are the Fourth and Fifth centuries... Few writers if any nowadays would even have the knowledge or talent to write in such a sophisticated and precise manner (food for thought alright !). 

In 1981 I sollicited another visit with Père Pruche. He suggested that we meet at his summer retreat... I said that I would be preparing a full course meal for the occasion. He replied since he was my host that it was his duty... and I: that I was young and able. When I got there a large brown paper grocery bag lay on the table: I knew that sharing gave him Joy... So we heated my stuff opened the bottle of Pisse-Dru I had brought and discussed french cuisine for a few minutes. I mentioned a book I enjoyed: - Towards... (something). He gazed at me a moment lost in his thoughts and said: - Then I shall title my new book - Towards a New Philosophy in Art -...

We digressed into his world of knowledge for hours and at one point we stared at each other without a word... His look became familiar and grave: - Your father was a dear friend and a man of great valor. - 

He was aware that I was there for - answers - .

Dad remained conscious on his death bed, until his last breath, at the hospital minutes before I got there in 1971... and I knew he had spent the day on the phone with Père Pruche. 

Père Pruche added: - Raymond knew so many people in his life... he wanted me to take note... so many names you understand Sylvain... I listened speechless... His eyes were lost in pain...

I was given a special authorization to enter Dad's room even though a sign said ISOLATION... He was laying motionless with his hand holding the phone to his ear... I knelt next to him and declined my own Mea Culpa to him asking for his forgiveness one last time and saying that no matter what I would do in my life: I would do it for the love of GOOD...

I asked him since I had mentioned an inspiring book if he had ONE book to recommend to me... His answer was instantaneous: - La Cité de Dieu de Saint-Augustin - .

It was time for me to leave, we went to the lake and enjoyed speechless the JOY of Creation...

gallery/dante inferno

photo: Sylvain Bériault


Beauty & the Beast ? - Dante's Inferno ? - The City of God & the earthly city ?

Knowledge VS Ignorance ?


It is 2:44 AM in Montreal. 32 degrees Farenheit precisely and the humidity level at 95%... It's that time of year when even though the temperature is mild: the humidity factor sends shivers down your spine and chills you... The view outside the SBMarine Lab is comforting, I love snow and thick wet snow clinging to branches... It's the only sane perspective one can get in this HellHole neighborhood: Yes I Said It (so what)...

The back-alley lighting wraps the background with an eery sinister glow which nevertheless keeps the local Zombies in hiding (24/7/365)... They lurk, live, sleep, eat, etc... (all those etc. are disgusting by the way) in the shadow of garbage bins. The unmistakable signature of this very-very-very Lower Echelon group enslaved to the Satanic Conspiracy stares at any onlooker (right side of picture). All trying to perpetually distract you because I (like others) have been defined as an ennemy of Mediocrity, of Lawlessness, of Barbarity and of Insanity... They lurk around us with but one purpose: integrate you or destroy you. They won't miss an occasion to bump into you, spit at you, provoke you, intimidate you, infuriate you and try to sell you hard narcotics (most of them laced with poisons)... They will urinate, defecate and even hold orgies day in/day out publicly... An appartment complex nearby houses families with children: I'll let you imagine the horror of it all. About the prostitution aspect of the matter: well they all have the Canadian (Liberal) Supreme Court on their side. It has ruled that prostitution is not illegal, in fact it is now a Political Right (no more, no less). The Conservative Party tried to overturn this ruling, I't'll have to wait 'till the next election I guess... The Supreme Court is headed by a woman by the way... She doesn't seem to be bothered by proxenitism, hard-narcotics addiction, propagation of sexually transmitted diseases: Syphilis particularly which in time provokes uncontrolable sexual cravings (nearly uncurable nowadays same as Ghonorrea)... She obviously couldn't care less about Public Health ! Yes I Said It (so what)....


Everyone can See the photograph I've taken above... but how many actually Observe it. It's not a work of art destined to an exhibition of some sort: I have nothing to prove and don't intend on selling it.

To the best of my ability in rendering an interpretation of a topic, a subject:

It's an Illustrated Fact !


A Cosmic Event Occured



This neighborhood which I moved into (my budget has always been running on vapors) is part of a large urban electoral district that counted no less than 654 - piqueries - or Crack Houses where junkies get their fix according to the Police Department (talking about being overworked)... The local mobs (which don't officially exist) are mainly russian, chinese, south and central american... The local guys are just named - local street bums -...  Yes I Said It (so what). And all this FAUNA runs the streets of a sublime SANCTUARY PARADISE... Wow am I ever blessed Lord (you're quite welcome)... So any newcomer gets instantly vetted by the various - godfathers - or god kings (to your taste really) which don't officially exist either. At some point this is where GARBAGE becomes vital to their operations and they make sure that every inch of their territories are littered, covered, saturated by disgusting filth. As a matter of fact my back-alley had won the title awarded by local reporters of being the dirtiest, filthiest, most disgusting back-alley in the area including pest and vermin and bugs (whatever). So the Zombies go on foot, on bicycles, on mopeds and even in cars when they have'nt lost their driver's licence, their pension or their welfare... There is always at least one Zombie: on foot, on a bicycle, on a moped or in a car at any given time to keep a watchful eye on the garbage... and they all have cellphones. People are accustomed to seeing them rumaging through the garbage bags-cans-containers for a quick lick in a pork & beans can (whatever). So much of their prime activity goes un-noticed... Each pile holds it's lot of narcotics, grass, syringes, MONEY, condoms, adult diapers (whatever)... One gets to know all about garbage very fast in Sanctuary Paradise... Yes I Said It (so what).


In 2004 I was fighting for my own life and desperately ill... Still the outside scenery (what was left of it) caught my attention now and then. I decided to focus on beauty. Seasonal Beauty because Montreal is rich in such events in the Four Seasons Universe. The migration of Canadian Geese, Ducks, Swallows, Crows... The ever changing color palette of Maple Trees, Birch Trees etc... And invariably they would release their lot of seeds carried by the winds: the helicopters of maples, the summer snow of various willows and some invisible being very small... Many landed in a crack along the division line of both properties. Asphalt parking on my side, abandonned property (for over fifty years now) with a remnant of a cement wall topped with a chain-link fence on the other. Some maples started growing there and several smaller varieties smack between the asphalt and the cement... Three years later the Zombies didn't waste any time in clearing their field of vision... But year after year three specimens, perfectly aligned along that crack kept growing back no matter how hard they tried eradicating them... In 2010 since they obviously wouldn't disturb the neighbors or the owner's of the parking of my dwelling I begged the owners to give life a chance, that it was a welcome addition in a sea of S...T. They acknowledged !!


Thank You Lord for the Peace & Quiet... I needed that.





At this point I easily understand that many readers feel uncomfortable with all this theology and cosmology... I was a long time ago :) Nothing is easy in my opinion but seeking answers sure is much more fun to INTROVERTS like me. It's not that I hate human beings: I simply don't need their presence around me to be happy. Like all - solitaires - thinking on and by my own is the only JOY I'll ever get from life. You know the popular saying: when standing in front of a tree you can't see what's in front of you... while it may be true for many... Raymond, being a world authority in education understood my nature very well and proceeded to develop my defenses against tyranny at a very young age. Introverts are very vulnerable as a matter of fact when not properly awakened to their unique gift. So Raymond made sure that I developped a 365 degree vision. This solitary universe implies you don't speak or answer very much in a lifetime... But you sure can Think and Reason and Write on your own without interference... and interfering is what Evil does best. So please be my guest throw any s...t  at me: I may not see you but I know exactly where you stand !

In order to kick-off this Part 2 on the right foot I have to outline a character I introduced to you in Book Two.

(just a few words will suffice). Remember his first psychotropic drug was patented in 1961... to a French Pharmaceutical Consortium and there have been many, many variants of his Extasy... You remember who I'm talking about ? Well - Henri Laborit - of course... you know... Mon Oncle d'Amérique. 1961 that was way before the deep state swamp wasn't it: might you think... I've got News for you. To keep it short and sweet: what did LABORIT's life work teach us... hummm let me see... hard question... He was a Darwinist ! A Preacher of Evolution ! WHY... urghhbmmmbbblllllee... because of his endless exposé's on the REPTILIAN BRAIN... Every theory, every lie, every myth, every dogma put forth by the evil groups depends, relies and sits on the BIG LIE: EVOLUTION. Without this premise: no science - no UFO - no totalitarianism, it all just vanishes. Got that? Great ! Now let me steer you into to a modern conception of - evolution - ... Yup A.I. what do you constatntly hear the mouthpieces of the world proclame: Artificial Intelligence is the natural extension of Evolution... I'm not inventing this check it out, please go ahead: NASA - ESA - JSA - JPL - MSM cablle news networks, you name it. I can hint you to a shortcut try the GAÏA SOLAR OBSERVATORY project (European Space Agency) after clicking many useless links you might end up finding what I'm talking about. Okay enough time wasted on mouthpieces :)


Hold on to your caps, we'll be moving into things where Man has never gone before... It might prove a welcome relief from rather sensitive and stuffy topics.


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