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Now about Lighting & Nutrition...

and several other things

But first you should check this addendum to the original ORION briefing, it wouldn't be complete without it:

Natural Sunlight wavelengths: facts & benefits

The visible Spectrum (what our eyes can see) is limited to a very small band of wavelengths from narrow to long. The narrow band produces Energy (High Kelvin temperature) and the longer wavelengths produce Heat (Low Kelvin temperatures). Natural Sunlight is healthy since it is well balanced between the Blue and Red light. Blue is highly agressive but it is counter-balanced by the Red light which is beneficial (this is over simplified of course). For some unknown reason: Blue light penetrates deeper into the Ocean than Ultra-Violet rays...

This well balanced sunlight allows Planktonic micro-organisms to produce Vitamin D which is absorbed by  microspic predators who in turn are absorbed by larger predators way up to the top of the feeding pyramid ! It is essential to sustain life in the Ocean since fishes are incapable of producing Vitamin D of their own. They don't have epidermis like humans that allow them to do so. Why do fishes need this Vitamin D; because they are vertebrates like humans and it is required to metabolize Calcium in their body.

Is Artificial Lighting balanced between the Blue and Red Spectrum ? was... The Tungsten Light Bulb produced a yellowish glow in the Red Spectrum (low Kelvin temperature). It was non-agressive to the human skin, eyes or nervous system and non carcogenic. It was practically non-toxic. It did not disrupt the human circadian cycles since it did not emit blue light... In nature (real life) there is no blue light after sunset... 

And then something happened. Some left-wing globalists decided to fabricate a flaw about Tungsten Light Bulbs, this of course coincided with the Global Warming Syndrome... They stipulated that Light Bulbs were guilty of producing HEAT !!! Wow... Solar Panel factories, for example, produce more heat and toxic waste than any other and above all consume more energy than the expected economy in the long run... Of course all this has to do with corrupt Politics, Economics and Industry... It's a purely personal opinion by the way.

Yes but... you may think: Blue to Red is only the visible Spectrum. What about all those deadly rays we don't see ?

The answer is in the air as far as humans are concerned. The Ozone layer, the Atmosphere, the suspended particles etc... all absorb much of the deadly sun rays so they remain at a tolerable level for human life.

Marine life is shielded by water. In fact only about 50% of Sunlight penetrate more than a few inches in the sea. At only a few feet it drops to about 20% and so on. Nature is well created in that Air and Water shield both humans and marine life !!