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- Life is teeming here…

And life is precisely what interests us at SBMarine -

Sylvain Bériault (Montreal, Canada)

the ORION briefing 2013  

Thoughts and Observations


Misconceptions & Myth-Information

How Main Stream Media bias and manipulation become false science and erroneous facts 

the Aquarists Alga file

Back in the 60's and 70's: bio-engineering and genetics were in their infancy and scientific minds were thrilled by their immense commercial and scientific potential (they still are)... The main line being the benefits for mankind (and the profits to shareholders mostly)... Wouldn't it be nice for instance to manufacture chimeras such as bio-engineered fish that a tailored industry could then sell to Aquarists worldwide... Those fish being sterile of course so that Aquarists wouldn't be able to reproduce them !! A huge monopoly where Aquarists and Fish alike would have no right to exist but simply submit to a monopoly... Thirty years later they did manufacture such a chimera (Parrot Fish): I spent one morning in a LFS once just to observe some... They simply bumped into each other constantly: obviously not knowing what their purpose in life was !! But this concept is two thousand years old and was developped by the chinese with their Goldfish industry. Through selective breeding they eventually obtained breeds that could not reproduce after several - F Generations -... Needless to say that countless Aquarists worldwide tried in vain to breed those species until the rules of genetics became better known !! Problem is this process is now applied to all existing breeds and distributed through the LFS's worldwide. In 1994 I succesfully bred authentic south-american Symphysodon Discus (in a Black Arrawana tank).  In 2005 I tried with an asian variety: I say variety because they are obtained through mixing two SPECIES of Discus... Only to discover Pink Unfertilized Eggs. There are three distinct Species of Discus but if you interbreed two of those you end up with STERILE fish after the second or third F-Generation... 


Of course this brilliant concept of absolute control on production and distribution was, by extension, applied to other life forms such as Algae (I think some cartels are now trying same with plants and cereals)... Thus came into existence the so-called Aquarist Alga: Caulerpa taxifolia... Variety.

It was referred to as Aquarist's Alga by the Main Stream Media because it was disseminated in the Mediterranean Sea through an Aquarium: the Monaco Institute of Oceanography to be precise !!! A Temple of Scientific Knowledge and Scientific Activity... Little know about it's origins though... It was bio-genetically developped by an obscure German Lab who made sure it was sterile and could not be propagated easily... Well Aquarists aren't sure about that... The Monaco High Temple of so-called knowledge wanted to use this - Variety - in it's tanks. Without taking into consideration that it pumped water directly into it's tanks from the Mediterranean and rejected it (without any filtration) directly back into the Mediterranean !!! They didn't take into consideration either that this Variety could still reproduce by division though not through gendered reproduction!

Would someone please tell me how and when any Aquarist worldwide was involved in the whole process ? 


Caulerpa taxifolia is not invasive in it's natural habitat. And responsible Aquarists simply don't reject specimens in the wild... They are systematically targeted nevertheless by the Media as being the main protagonists whenever ecological disasters occur... If you go back to the fifties it was the same Mediatic Propaganda targetting Aquarists in the Water Hyacinth disaster in South America. Some of you might remember this episode when all South American waterways were invaded by a floating alga that soon clogged the surface blocking traffic !! A Multinational Investigation Commitee soon found out that Commercial and Military navigation were responsible through flushing of ship and submarine water ballasts !!


Molluscs and Invertebrates easily attach to the hulls of ships and travel worldwide: surely you are aware of the zebra mussel disaster and many other species... But then again the MSM made sure that Aquarists would bear the responsibility worldwide... Tends to be sickening after a while !!


And yes, believe it or not, the food industry can favor such displacement of animal and vegetable populations... I often buy Blue Mussels with Algae and Barnacles and whatever on them... Go to your local airport and look around the shipping areas: from ornemental plants and trees for the home gardening enthusiasts where you will find just about anything from spiders to monkeys... and that's just the plants !! There's also Cereals, Meat, Clothing etc... It's a real Zoo actually and many Pet Shops worldwide do get some of their fauna through local airports authorities who gladly offer this menagerie to rid their terminals...


In 1957 Cephalopholis argus was introduced by bureaucrats to the waters of Hawaii: they thought that the species would figure nicely on Tourism Pamphlets to promote recreational fishing !! Cephalopholis argus then later mysteriously appeared in Florida where Tourism and Recreational fishing go hand in hand... but somehow bureaucrats and MSM were quick this time to point at Aquarists again... In Florida I have often encountered residential communities, with elegant ponds being part of their landscape, often populated by every imaginable species of so-called Ornemental or Exotic fishes... Of course Florida knows many natural devastations and floodings: so where do the lovely - ornamental - little fishies go from there... Zoos and distribution centres have contributed to the vast number of invasive species pouring in the Florida wildlife: due to natural disasters... From Giant Predatory Fishes to Pythons and even African Crocodiles... the list is endless...

Amazing isn't it: not a single Aquarist in view !!!


Which brings me to what I call the: - Typical Reefer Syndrome - ...

yes no less... and it seems that curing that type of affliction won't be easy either...

Aquariophilia existed way before electronic media and there are still interesting sources of information out there Thank ... (whatever you believe in). Like an old friend once outlined: - Before electronic media; 10% of the population had access to information of a 90% quality index. The electronic media gives access to information to 90% of population with an average quality index of 10%. I tend to agree.


The new problematic is that electronic media is slowly turning commercial, industrial and educational endeavours into massive political tools with specific agendas pushing serious and honest ressources ever further down the ladder of visibility. Turning the crowd away from quality information to populist opinions. Forums, FAQ's and Comment columns are the first that come to mind. Search engines are largely responsible for this decline. The results shown are based on a LIKE-Ability factor and all you have to do to be on top of search results: to become an instant Authority - Guru - Summity or World Expert on any topic or subject is to be very very much LIKED and CLICKED... The value of any given website is evaluated on this visitor volume data... Wow, all this in one millionth of a second. 


I personally don't care about being liked or despised; I have always been a Free Spirit and couldn't care less of needing some kind of public approval to my opinions!! I'm a Free Man living in a Free World: take it or leave it... It won't change my mood. I freely express myself and that is my reward and pride.

As I outlined there are many great websites out there run by Professionals with a deep sense of integrity, honesty and objectivity. Those are the resources I gladly turn to for valid and verified data... not some self-proclaimed bullying authority with nothing valuable to contribute to my specific field of interest. I will name a few in the English and French speaking worlds so you can get a chance of better understanding my perspective: Saltwater Smarts - Advanced Aquarist - AquaPortail - DORIS... there are so many more.

But then there is all the rest... The Dark Side of Myth-Information and Political Manipulation... Unfortunately they are the ones dragging real or potential Aquarists down the path of ignorance. 


To illustrate this perspective I chose a so-called Invasive and Parasitic Alga (soon to be featured on our pages):

Caulerpa verticillata ( a perfect example)... feel free to do your own survey of FAQ's and Forums: it's hilarious.

But let's set the record straight first. 


As far as I'm concerned any life form can be viewed as Parasitic and Invasive if you chose to follow the Typical Reefers reasoning !!! Me, my neighbour, Anemones, Corals, Algae all represent an insurmountable equation to the Typical Reefer. As long as it reproduces and grows it will most often encroach on it's neighbour's - safe space -. But that is what being an Aquarist is all about: - to maintain and reproduce healthy specimens in a captive environment. It's not easy and requires knowledge, skills, imagination, experience and a lot of know-how. Something the brainwashed masses refuse to recognize. They put all their money and faith in technology leaving nothing to knowledge and understanding. To them reality is pointless... they will glorify anything that satisfies their technocratic instincts void of any valuable data. Why ? because: technology instantly solves any problem they are told... Very sad indeed...


So this Caulerpa verticillata came as spores embedded in wild or aquacultured Live Rocks.... Like all other Algae or small Invertebrates seen here at SBMarine. They are very desirable and usefull as you can learn through our pages: but most often require adapted specific tanks. Note that I will always exclude from this nomenclature all true undesirable or highly venomous species: those we will never feature... But hey what is this authentic obsession with sterility that Typical Reefers develop about existing and growing Life Forms. Why do they even bother putting 200 pounds of LIVE Rock in hundred gallon tanks to systematically eliminate afterwards any living organism from it ?? Doesn't make sense... Any plastic or quarried material should be sufficient for their limited needs and possibilities in a Sterile Environment void of any nutrients or pollutants depending which side of the fence you are.... 

Success in establishing Specific Tanks depends on your knowledge and selection of Marine life forms that will complement each other in harmony. And since Wild Reefs are essentially huge hunting grounds for all Marine life don't expect to fit all in a few gallons of water... Just keep in mind that: ON A REEF EVERYTHING EATS SOMETING therefore nothing is SAFE out there !!!


Sylvain Bériault

Montréal, Canada

octobre 2016






gallery/c verticillata eos tank

Caulerpa verticillata 

a so-called parasitic and invasive species:

Soon to be featured on our pages in the EOS tank