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fascinating observations...

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Our Nudibranch colonies are always associated with two specific stages of Copepod evolution

REFRESHER: As you know Copepods go from a Pelagic stage (free floating and microscopic) to a Benthic stage (they adhere to glass, aquascaping and GHA). It coincides with their change of diet. They then move on as they grow to the red Cyanobacteria mats where they also leave their signature EATING in CIRCLES. You will find out about the third stage of development throughout our tutorials.

In the 2016 - 2017 photographs they have just landed on GHA and look like white dust... we call it Reef Snow... If you look closely at the areas where the Nudibranchs are located it seems that there is less... Now we don't know what our colonies feed on; it could be detrity and bacteria... But on the photographs with red mats they are still associated with the feeding 'Pods...

Today we present the NYX tank colony where one specimen is actively heading towards one of those Red Circles, The 'Pods there are everywhere... Below, within and above the thick mat... However the smallest ones are in and AROUND the Red Hole... The last Photograph shows two specimens in two distinct areas... There is a lot of food for thought here don't you think ?

The very special Link below is provided thanks to the generous courtesy of Gary Cobb and contributing photographers

It adresses Divers, Marine Biologists and Photographers... Therefore it is NOT an Aquarist site.

This Link only intends to provide insight into Specimens in their Wild Habitat.