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Mystery tanks

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starting July 2017

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+ the EOS tank


We are pleased to announce that Cephalopholis argus...

maintains it's friendly and benevolent predisposition

towards Stenopus hispidus in captivity !!

In fact EOS is so thrilled with his new friend... that he won't find a single minute to STARE at his caretaker anymore... Which gave me ample time to realize that his caudal fin had grown considerably... (think positive)

gallery/zip1 day one
gallery/zip2 day three



Meet ZIP

This very healthy sub-adult cleaner shrimp was provided by Canada Corals

(see Link in About our Motto page)

gallery/zip3 day four


to be featured soon in the EOS tank

Strombus alatus (provided by Incredible Aquarium)

Nassarius coronatus (provided by Canada Corals)

the EOS test: passed !!!

gallery/eos test 1
gallery/zipped out
gallery/avent doubled
gallery/2 plate cora colonies

DAY TEN: Stenopus didn't waste any time and Zipped Out of it's suit of armor... No surprise with great environment, great food and great friends that sum up to great quality of life :)

EOS patiently waits for it to resume it's activities...

Avent is in tip-top shape and has doubled in size...

While repositioning (once again) the gorgonian rock; we were pleased to find the two Plate Coralline colonies developping well !!