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We got a second Tubipora Sp. shipment on 5th of June 2018... for a month the perspective was great...

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Based on these photographs most observers would reach the same conclusion as many authors have... This healthy Tubipora colony was attacked and destroyed by Bristleworms !!! Well... not so fast... We have kept countless species of Soft Corals here at SBMarine for several decades now. And since Bristleworms have always been an integral part of our exclusive Marine Biological Systems just like 'Pods, Algae etc... We can say this: Never have we witnessed any damage to Corals, Anemones or other Invertebrates inflicted by Bristleworms because they are essentially USEFUL SCAVENGERS. Constantly on the prowl for dead or decaying matter.

It is hard for us to imagine Bristleworms as having a secret - search & destroy - switch that would magically be triggered whenever Tubipora Sp. are encountered....  :)   But then it could be the ONE exception... proving that theory to be correct....

SBMarine has it's own theory about the demise of Tubipora frags

As we saw earlier, except for GSP's maybe, Soft Corals must be firmly anchored to a rock. Only then can they prosper... otherwise the base (foot) will simply rot away killing the coral as well in the process. Tubipora Sp. seem to be no exception to that rule as seen with our PERFECTLY fragged specimen. So what happens when empty or damaged tubular structures are glued on cookies ? We have no answer to this YET but we can easily speculate that the polyps on top have no link to the rock and thus no growth can be registered... If this is the case the remaining colony will probably rot from its base inside the tubes.... Just like any other Soft Coral would do being unable to grow... No wonder then that Bristleworms are instantly attracted by decaying tissues within the tubes... After all Bristleworms will colonize any nooks and crannies in the wild as in captivity !!

The only logical thing to do now is to give the - Killer Bristleworms Theory -

ample opportunities to be proven correct...

On the 5th of July 2018 we received another shipment of Tubiporas (2)... It was the hottest day in Montreal since 1963 with a HUMIDEX Factor of 47 degrees Celsius !!! Thanks to Canada Corals the water was cool on arrival and all seven corals were in top condition !!

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