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Purple Frilly Gorgonian

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Some Corals... simply can't be fragged

To better comprehend this discussion please see the EOS tank in: ORION briefing Full Tutorials

Most non-photosymbiotic Gorgonians (from the Atlantic) when fragged will reattach to their base... Once the stalk is glued on a cookie the delicate coral tissue will grow back to secure itself to the plug or rock below: leaving no exposed areas that would be susceptible to bacterial or fungal attacks resulting in necrosis.

However some species simply can't regenerate in such a manner. After a few months or even a year or two depending on tank conditions they will fade away. The base will have to be cut periodically and reglued over and over... Muriceopsis flavida grows from all ends but perishes from it's base. 


In our opinion: the only way Purple Frilly Gorgonian will ever make it safely to captivity is if shipped on it's base rock directly from it's point of origin... However it is so fragile that it would be pulverized during transport by it's base rock !! Unless some sort of shipping apparatus would lock down the support rock firmly in container... Such special attention would be very costly... 

So until we see such options in the trade: we suggest not to get Muriceopsis flavida.