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(Mithraculus Sculptus)

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Oscar & Belle 
midnight snack

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MITHRAX are an invaluable addition to a tank

given the proper tank mates and environment 

Needs a closer look

For Oscar it all started in 2013...

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Day 1: Three minutes after being placed in tank: Oscar walked off the rock on which he travelled in a plastic bag... 

Merlin keeps an eye on his whereabouts... 

In less than 5 minutes: Oscar sized the situation and headed for the protective cover of a Cerianthus !!

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Oscar loves the copepods that thrive on the BioFilm... And with such a balanced menu: molts are usually trouble-free.

Mithrax has a well organized life style

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Oscar chose this comfortable niche behind a Rhodactis to spend his nights worry-free...

Oscar doesn'y only get a secure rest area but free meals... He patiently waits for the treasures the Anemone will offer on opening. 

Yes !! All you can eat Brunch is served....

Mithrax will go at great lenghts for a prize meal...

And it's a clever opportunist....  :)

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When Oscar develops a raging appetite.... Beware.....

Nothing stands in his way !! 

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