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March 2020


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There are Conspiracy Nuts... and Conspiracy Actors...

Of course any sane human beings will search for the truth...

and most of them have throughout human history.

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SBMarin - SBMarine does not own the rights to these MEMES & Daily Renegade Video Clip.

They serve an educational purpose only.

This massacre was coined as

- Workplace Violence -

by the fascists in office...


Millions of Canadians (men & women) have lost their lives fighting Fascists & Genocides during both World Wars... The Korean War... Afghanistan... you name it.

To this day they still are...


What have you done ?

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What can YOU do... (?)

Are you into searching for the truth or answers. I'm afraid there are no ready-made answers or solutions... It's still a free world with free speech still at hand but disappearing fast and under constant attack by Tyrany & Fascism. So theoretically you are free to research the fields of interest that could best defend the interests of your family, children, relatives and loved ones. Good you're on the right track to gaining back your freedom, country, economy and dignity. Be aware that the ennemy lurks within both the left and right... Your vigilance must be relentless...


Below are links to very serious websites and podcasts. And yes like you they are searching for answers. The best ones rely on Facts... But they all point to tyranny in all of it's expressions. Because Tyranny has relied on GENOCIDES throughout human history to establish Control & Power over enslaved populations.

You will then be ready to proceed to what Book One has to reveal about GENOCIDES through Raymond's vast experience on these topics.

The first one listed being the most fascinating in my humble opinion with it's mind-blowing Podcasts... Please take note that SBMarin - SBMarine has been denouncing Technocracy through all of it's ramifications since it's inception in 2012... see our various home pages (Aquarist or Technocrat ?)...



Please feel free to visit our youtube channel and make sure to check out our PLAYLISTS.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our PLAYLISTS adress a Mature Audience. They should not be viewed by children & teenagers. If anyone should feel offended by their content...

Then I suggest they simply not view them... Easy is it not ?  :)

I wish you all a Wonderful Day.


Sylvain Bériault

owner: SBMarin - SBMarine

Montreal, Canada

Best Canadian YouTube channel pertaining to this field of interest (in our view)

Don't forget BREITBART NEWS !

This link brings you to an extraordinary Article by Robert Kraychik including a Podcast with Patrick Moore (Greenpeace co-founder)

What are all those conspiracy links & memes about ?

SBMarin - SBMarine wants to bring to your attention that GENOCIDES are not Fake Conspiracy NEWS (for crying out loud)... They are and have been recorded throughout human history as being very REAL ! In fact they are very well documented and can be traced over the past three milleniums (no less). To perpetrate a Genocide requires a peculiar set of Monsters seeing themselves as the Elite who unilaterally decide to enslave a group of population to fullfill their sick cravings of Power and Control. Genocides are not acts of Nature or Acts of God... Not at all...


They are willfully and purposefully executed by Insane Power Freaks who care about nothing but themselves !!!