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Lysmata amboinensis

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A fish will most often back into a Cleaning Station indicating it is ready for inspection

Lysmata does not run after clients...

They just drop by

Inspection of Branchial Opercules is always tidy

Lysmata established a luscious cleaning station. The entrance is well guarded and offers unsurpassed protection... At the same time it provides a handy food source as Rhodactis will surely catch something interesting when it returns from foraging...

Dinner for two...

Hey what are friends for ?

This charming tiny Lysmata amboinensis (1/2 inch not counting antennas) provided by:

Canada Corals (see About our motto LINKS) 03/05/2018 

gallery/1 kwik
gallery/2 kwik
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Day 1... just found a new home...

We named it KWIX... because it sure didn't waste any time in establishing it's first Cleaning Station... Newcomers usually like the top corners of tanks. Chromis are excited about this newcomer.

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gallery/5 aegis fascination

When not actively feeding... both Chromis hang around...

Day 7: Kwix is slowly casting her magic spell on Aegis...