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January / February 2019

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the AEGIS tank... in for a promising 2019 Tutorial

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The ORION briefing IV is still in the making and it might take a few weeks to complete.

Updates are posted as they are written so you can view them...

The EOS tank registered constant stability and development since 2018

Corals have sustained a normal growth rate. All green algae develop normally when and where needed. Calcified algae can now be propagated in a reliable way. Various Coralline algae are kicking in and this is worth noting because they are usually the only type of algae that thrive in sterile reef tanks. As you know we have developped the Marine Biological System to encompass all Marine Life Forms going far beyond the capabilities of sterile reef tanks (Berlin tanks). The SBMarine approach is also much more stable as regards water chemistry since we don't mess around with it. The only adjustments allowed are water changes and top-offs, period. For your information the only water chemistry test we use is a PH Test Kit... oh yes and thermometers  :)

All this of course reduces costs dramatically !  Knowledge and experience take over where electronics, endless hardware and mechanics usually fail... 

Expect many Special Files in the EOS tank in 2019

From 1 1/2 inch to 5 inches in seven months...

... our Sarcophyton has grown indeed. If it goes past 6 inches... we might have a female specimen...