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With a dozen Goniopora species commonly found in the trade...

it's not always an easy task identifying specimens

This splendid Goniopora Sp. provided by Canada Corals (July 2018)

commercial description: Seadrift Flower Pot Goniopora

It could very well be: Goniopora norfolkensis known for it's sharp color variations from green to purple/blue...

depending on tank conditions

There is an accepted golden rule out there that Goniopora species should never be placed in a Soft Corals tank... The same is said about Tubipora species... At SBMarine we decided to apply the same strategy as with Tubipora: we will rely exclusively on regular partial water changes to keep TERPENOIDS at accepptable levels. 

On the other hand... Goniopora will be kept at a distance from Soft Corals. Goniopora has a ring of 24 tentacles around the oral disc of each polyp which differentiates it from similar looking hard corals... These tentacles hold a potent neurotoxin released on contact by nematocysts !! So beware Goniopora is a lovely but deadly showpiece that can deploy itself up to 12 inches !!!

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Goniopora must rely on a constant supply of nutrients to grow and maintain it's shape... We think that the Zooplnakton ('Pods) present in a SBMarine Biological System will cater to the basics... However we'll have to complement with meaty feedings... 

It will be awhile before we can reach conclusions and publish an Advanced Notions File on this topic.

So stay tuned...