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Système Biologique Marin - Marine Biological System

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Aquarist or Technocrat ???

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SBMarine was born around 1960 in the imagination of a child. Eh yes! We need to realize dreams to be happy ... That day, in Marseille, the weather was perfect for diving or plunging…the aquarist that I have become, in the deep end.
The same day and with pioneers of Aqualung, I learned spontaneous swim and use of snorkel in two easy lessons… I also discovered the wealth and beauty of the ocean in a tiny tidal puddle just large enough to spill my size, my mask and my snorkel ... In this miniature bubble, the show was breathtaking. In crystal clear water; microbubbles in suspension shone in the sun, almost endlessly ... Once the magic diamond spray dissipated, an impressive array of molluscs, crustaceans and soft corals appeared. My eyes however were absorbed by the multitude of anemones and shrimp, sheltered from the midday sun under the rocky overhangs, in crevices and alcoves ... I decided that day to never leave the garden of wonders.
Many years later, after completing some rather mundane aquarists prowess: I got wind of the threat that hung over the Marseille gastronomic specialty: fried anemone was about to faint. The reason being that the boats had to go ever further to bring the loot… A real Hemingway saga.. So I had to find solutions to the many challenges faced by aquarists today. The most serious, in my humble opinion, is to have completely forgotten the meaning of the word itself. The spirit of the thing being lost in the maze of marketing strategies, poorly implemented technology and Myth-Information. The industry that attracted hobbyists yesterday, selling fish, now sells technology ....
The definition of an Aquarist is the following; maintain and reproduce healthy specimens in captivity. There is no magic formula, no foolproof technology (regardless of cost) that allows to fill a tank and to declare unilaterally; this tank is perfect, sustains itself and is quite suitable for interior decoration .... With this technocratic approach : the Aquarist is disposed of from the start and taken directly to the next step: deception!

Without an experienced aquarist; nothing is possible !!!


SBMarin is under reconstruction

Most or our collection and reproduction specimens were lost to a devastating neighborhood blaze two years ago... To make matters worse over 150  web pages and 1,500 photographs were destroyed on our system by God knows who... It was a devastating blow to Canada's First Virtual Marine Reproduction Centre... But life goes on: and We're Back !!!



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Hell at New Year in Hell Hole neighborhood

Be a responsible Aquarist:

Do not dispose of specimens in the wild !