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Early Warning... 5:00 AM



the Early Warning

Defining snowflakes is easy: They all think alike - They all think that we should all think alike - They dislike anything or anyone that contradicts, opposes or rejects them... mainly people who actually THINK by themselves !! A snowflake therefore is not an individual with a mind, a personality, opinions or a life of it's own: it is a collectivity of identical clones. In other words: an obssessed mob of fanatical, whining, crying, ignorant oxymorons who have but one collective goal; that is to integrate or destroy you... by any means !! Snowflakes can be found in parent's basements where when not sitting on their thumbs... they will utilize either thumb or index  and sometimes both to engage in a communal ritual on their phones or pads... They can also be found in safe spaces on university campus grounds when not engaged in destroying public and private property while  shouting or beating up dissenting voices such as conservatives or other dissenting opinions. They will shout you out or beat you out because they have no values, no morals and no dignity.

It's no surprise when you understand that they are the produce of three things:

1-  Public schooling sytems that are themselves the produce of socialist / marxist / communist doctrines brought on by Liberal / Democrat demagogs who for the past century have proved to be PRO- Socialist / Marxist / Communist and implementing such policies !! Most so-called academic material is tailored to fit the agenda... Snowflakes are therefore unescapably brainwashed by their puppet masters...

2- The Entertainment Industry then makes sure that snowflakes all react and think alike by carefully shaping and molding their communal minds according to their single and joint thoughts acquired at school...

3- Communications - Mass and Social Media do the rest... through policing of ideas, thoughts, opinions, trends, marketing... you name it !!!!

And they will incessantly continue to promote this insane agenda claiming that it is so profoundly useful and good to the community (their community).... Until they all run out of other people's money. The Other People of course being the honest, hard working, tax paying citizens... 

Problem is it affects all of us and it's creeping all over our society.... even in our hobby !!!

Governments, Town Halls, City Buroughs: Moronic Mayors and Aldermans have started implementing, regulating and policing commerce and business through POLITICS not reality... Some Hobby Shops/ Pet Stores are forced to either close or move to districts where their business is not under hegemonic law of demagogs... Serious Pet Shops ( not the typical LFS) who offer Marine services are forced to go out of business in the name of Saving the Planet to satisfy ignorant Snowflakes !! I won't go into details of the why's; just browse our pages and find out what makes all this ridiculous.

I tried getting a Marine Specimen at a Local Fish Store and was asked to provide a water sample before they could decide if they should sell me the specimen... This isn't business: It's DICTATURE bloody Mind Control !!! And these same defenders of the virtue of the Cod: have no problems with selling a foot long centipede (venomous by the way) to an idiot who went as far as saying that it was  to play a practical joke on his friend !!!  It's also fine and so ECO friendly by the way to sell 12 OZ mini tanks or Cognac snifflers to keep Beta fish... While you're at it why not mention that plastic plants are better than natural ones because they're more gorgeous and come in a wide variety of FLUO colors (enough to keep you hallucinating forever)... according to same LFS experts they can even house bacteria to provide biological filtration...

... was all this a nightmare... (?)...  anyway who cares about Oxymorons...

It's 5:00 AM Lord...

and this is SBMarine Waking Time 

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gallery/aegis waking up 2018

This is the typical dark grey and vibrant night time coloration of Siganus vulpinus. When lights turn on it reverts to it's daytime colors in one or two minutes. It wasn't the case on January 4th 2014 when AEGIS woke up and remained in this state for hours (see Flashback 2014/2016): in soot and smoke so dense I couldn't see my hand in front of my nose... There was no more gas exchange at the water surface and all specimens were slowly suffocating... including myself: I was lucky to even wake up, by chance... Just in time to open the Lab's door, it was minus 40 degrees Farenheit that evening... and electricity had been cut off in neighborhood... It was so cold that the smoke from the blaze stuck to the ground and winds pushed it directly towards our Lab. I endured excruciating limb cramps for over 6 months afterwards due to carbonic gas poisoning... the pain has long faded away and I am grateful to wake up for another day... so is AEGIS !!

ANECDOTE: in 2015 a nevrotic snowflake young woman was knocking at the SBMarine Lab door one morning. She wanted a lighter and offered to pay for it, explaining that she would be back in an hour with $5.00 to compensate for the trouble...She further insisted that it was - her gang - that had set the neighborhood blaze afire in 2014... Clearly this was more about inducing fear if not terror to settle into an unrented unit in the building...  You see: some snowflakes either squat derelict buildings or are on the lookout for unrented appartments that they will also squat illegally...

Incidently how would that young nevrotic snowflake have gotten $5.00 for a lighter worth $1.00... When not squating their parents basement, squating back alleys or even sidewalks they bust into any shelter they can often by force: where they can be found doing prostitution including child prostitution - selling hard narcotics including to children - selling black market goods including stolen goods etc...

To make a long story short: SBMarine is not a welfare service and we don't give away freebies to parasites especialy when our lives are at risk !!

The grey coloration still shows after a few minutes but this morning AEGIS (and I) welcome you to the AEGIS tutorial tank 2018... and wish you all a Great Day !!!

gallery/aegis good morning

Soft Corals and Anemones all reduce their volume in the evening and start the process of reshaping again in the morning

5:00 AM is the best time to see it all happen

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Sinularia dura has adapted remarkably to the EOS tank in a little over a year. It has acclimated to chemical conditions without being stressed by too much light. It has more than quadrupled in size... So yesterday we modified the lighting setup accordingly... The tank is well stabilized and Caulerpas will prosper with this increased light output; thus further - polishing - the water, eliminating Nitrates and all that ensues... All blue CFL bulbs were removed and replaced with 20/23 watt 6,500 Kelvin CFL's. To summarize the EOS tank now counts: two 6,500 Kelvin fluorescent tubes and six 20/23 watt 6,500 Kelvin CFL bulbs.