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Discover Cosmic...

Part 1


Adult - Mature - Responsible Audience

Topics reflect Strictly Personal Opinions by Author... all material is owned by or copyrighted to Sylvain Bériault (unless specified)

Part One is all about a parallel between a father and son. It is about Education, Knowledge, Traditions, Cultural heritage and so much more... Not that I expect it will interest anyone... besides passionate Aquarists who will discover how Aquariophilia can lead to amazing discoveries about the Universe we live in... These Observations will be found in Part Two.

Two Books will also illustrate this parallel on how two completely different human beings through their lives experiences have reached the same conclusions about the world we live in today... In fact it has not changed for the past two milleniums... Good and Evil are still in opposition about the same issues and in every aspect of our societies... Material versus Spiritual realms... Creation versus Destruction... Capitalism versus Communism... Abbeys where Monks were of the Charitable and Military Orders (first millenium and on) versus the Secular Clergy that dealt exclusively with Monarchies, Masonic Orders and the Byzantine Empire: Credit Note Exchanges (second millenium and on)... Conservatism versus Liberalism... The list goes on...

Let me start with my father - Raymond J. Bériault  - to whom I owe everything worth fighting for ! 

Raymond was born in 1916 in a rural area near Montebello

His father - Ivan Bériault - spent his life with the same employer; where he became the first French Canadian to get his diploma in Code & Telegraphs with the Canadian Pacific Railway... where he became Station Master and ended his carreer in Lachute. 

His mother - Zéria Landry - was born in Trois-Pistoles. Even before the Sufragettes ever existed she became a legend in her hometown with other women. They chased the Corrupt Mayor down the streets and out of town with hat needle pins (and boy did he ever run)... Zéria was not a feminist she just couldn't stand dishonest people...


There was another IVAN close to my father... His uncle - Ivan Bériault -. Decorated Twelve Times by Six different Countries for his achievements as a Liaison Officer in Germany from 1939 through 1945 ! Ivan lived the rest of his life after the war in a modest appartment in a poor Montreal East End neighbourhood. Not far from the Angus Yards where over two thousand Hawker Hurricanes were built during the war.


From that same neighbourhood originated a man called Peter who's real name was never known to me. I only knew him as a child as : Pierre the husband of Isabelle Gobeil who ran the fashion shows at the Eaton Center in Montreal (seventh storey). That 7th storey's Architectural Value has been destroyed today to make room for a worthless wax museum that teaches visitors the exceptional cultural values of the Local Politicians, Artists and Demagogs... Pierre was shot down in flames in a Hawker Hurricane in the first days of the WAR... He was severely burned and disfigured and nevertheless went on months later  to engage once again in the Battle of Britain... If you watch the movie made in 1967: perhaps you will notice what type of man I am referring to... Pierre returned from England Okay... If you can say so since he was an alcoholic that the Police picked up in back alleys and brought  home discretely knowing too well who he was...


My father had another very close friend. A retired French Infantry General... Robert Guédon who lived through BOTH WORLD WARS. He came to Canada after the second world war completely disgusted by the French International Socialist !!! He was a Hero of the French Resistance along with his wife Reine Joly. I have only extroardinary memories of the family since we were very close in the 60's and 70's...


Not to mention another one with whom's family I spent wonderful summers in the Eastern Townships: learning about hard work, the realities of life and responsabilities that come with it... Hans Van Der AA, a very talented artist, was rescued in extremis in 1945 by Canadian and American soldiers from a Nazi Death Camp... I let you imagine the horrror of the condition of this MAN. He also came to Canada after the war and became the Official Photographer of the Saint-Lawrence Seaway Authority during the construction of the Saint-Lawrence Seaway. He also was known as having published the first hardcover Photography Album about Montreal... amongst other things... 


 Being Station Master for the Canadian Pacific Railway allowed Ivan Bériault to get both his sons through

College & University 

gallery/raymond et yvon bériault collège saint-alexandre 1933

Later it is my Mother who taught him how to drive a car ! She was from Ottawa and daughter of a self taught Electrician: Emile Beaudry learned everything about Electricity by reading books... At that time there were no Electricians as such... so he was pretty much ahead of his time... During the First World War: the Canadian Government approached him for a Special Task (refrigeration)... They wanted him to ELECTRIFY some Navy & Merchant Ships to carry vegetables and all to Europe where populations were starving. That is what he was told, he found out by himself what it was really for hidden under the Cabbage, Carrots, Onions and Meat... Émile Beaudry also had a son: Roger Beaudry who became a Captain in the Royal Canadian Navy... He was an Engineer... and after the second World War became Vice-President of Pathé Films Canada where he remained most of his life... until the Canadian Government asked him to head the newly created Special Communications project...


gallery/zéria landry bériault (canada)

Raymond obtained several Licences at the University of Ottawa (Philosophy, Arts, Es Lettres) and given Classes. He was all for the Private sector and became a Reporter for both french and english newspapers in Ottawa and throughout the Free World under several pseudonyms... He also was at a Dominican seminary for two years: when the Order of Preachers decided that he would better serve his faith as a civilian...

Yvon chose Law and Economics and the Public sector: this is when both brothers stopped talking to each other or seeing each other...

Living in a rural area in the Province of Quebec in those years meant you either went by foot or horse and if you could afford one; a bicycle... Unlike large Cities where roads and cars were already plentiful...

Raymond got his first bicycle at age 20 !  

Raymond loved Hockey and could have moved on to become a Star Player... But the National Hockey League didn't even exist at that time... There were nonetheless Inter Collegial Leagues...

Two Brothers were also extremely close to my father...

They were trusted friends

You will find their names associated with Societa Generale Immobiliare Internationale - Apitca -

Unione Cristiana Imprenditori Dirigenti (UCID) - Italian Lines...

Vittorio was Vice-President of Alitalia and Italian delegate to NATO...

Their business brought them often to Montreal and Candiac

We also kept the Italian Press as guests at home whenever Vittorio dropped by...


gallery/claire pietro vaccari raymond candiac
gallery/vittorio vaccari ucid

If you skim the internet you will mostly find garbage (pedias, hollywood, history sites) relating to all involved. There were Good and Bad actors... I can attest to that. But none of those so-called experts have lived or even survived through all of this... Like I have. Good people were shot back then: Ronald Reagan - Pope John Paul I and an endless list have died if you go back to the 1960's. 

However the true culprits of hate and destruction are Mainly the Order of Jesuits. Ignatius of Loyola who was an Atheist Mason founded the Order five centuries ago. His plan was to infiltrate and destroy the Holy See... This inside war has been going on since then... Five centuries ago as well as today the Jesuits have always been linked to Masons and Monarchies as you will find out in BOOK TWO. More recently the Opus Dei tried the same. They were based in Boston Massachussets and like the Jesuits were very present in Montreal also.

Before proceeding any further know this: Bad Actors are also found within Families

Raymond was an extraordinary father. When not out on a Mission of some sort... On a World Tour of Conferences... or other occupations... He would reserve me all of his time meaning from Friday evenings to Sunday nights when I was allowed to stay awake with no time limits   :) 

It was easy during the School Calendar when my two brothers were far away being in pension at College and my sister studying at a Convent... 

We would play Scrabble, Yum, Cribbage and he even tried to show me the basics of Bridge... We would listen to select TV shows in his Den where I had become an expert in setting up the rabbit ears on the set to catch channels 3 - 5 - 8 in Plattsburgh... From Bonanza, to Branded, to Have Gun will travel, to I Spy ( yes Dad was Cambodia's Tennis Champion during the Korean War... True... and had good laughs about it), Danger Man, John Wayne, Gregory peck... well you get it I suppose... 

From building Nesting Houses for Swallows to letting me build wheel carts... the list goes on and on...

The Pictures below are the key to understanding what kind of exceptional man he really was

gallery/1 63 place de bretagne candiac
gallery/2 andré sylvain candiac
gallery/3 consul général de france


Our home was designed by Architect André Blouin of Montreal. It was inspired by the design of French Cathedrals. It was a split-level and had no supporting walls. Instead all rested on exterior archs that supported  the roof which consisted of ultra-lightweight Siporex slabs covered in lightweight tar & gravel. The external steel beams were connected to huge Sequoïa beams from British Columbia on which the Siporex slabs rested. The exterior brick was made from Calcite and made in Quebec. André Blouin also designed the first school in Candiac: École Saint-Marc... In later years the English speaking community got it's own school thanks to Raymond. In fact Raymond was so much appreciated by the English speaking community of Candiac that the Protestant School was named in his Honour and called St-Raymond !!


Candiac in 1957 was the second Private Municipality in Quebec after Shawinigan... and Raymond was heading the Conglomerate ! The City was divided by a Canadian National railroad track and each Park had a distinct name... the City also had an Emblem and Motto... which were rapidly changed by the Mayor. He happened to be our next door neighbour. His first task as a neighbour and foe was to have all fields and wooden areas (several square miles... yes miles) behind our homes: sprayed with Dichlorodiphényltrichlorétane or DDT if you prefer. In came huge Army Trucks with huge réservoirs who performed the job over the whole summer... In the early sixties  I could walk through the fields and woods (by simply walking out the back door) right to the City of Napierville and even the US border... And playing in the outdoors was my main actvity... The mayor's backyard had a concrete swimming pool and a remnant of wild pond that was more like a swamp that attracted Mosquitoes like crazy... In my opinion it was a lot of DDT for a tiny water hole... It is ironic that the mayor also owned a magnificent and friendly Doberman (to me at least) that saved my life once and payed the price...


There was also a curiosity in the mayor's home which I visited occasionaly. In the basement was to be found a small (30 inch X 30 inch) locked door directly on the concrete foundation and at eye level... Since I was into modeling airplanes at the time... One of the mayor's sons (much older than me) with whom I was talking airplanes asked me if I was interested in Radio-Controlled Aircraft... I never heard of such a thing and thought he was joking... To my amazement he dialed the combination on the padlock and of course he had to lift me up so I could see... There was a crawling space with earth filling inside the house foundation... And smack right in front of me a HUGE  B-29 RC controlled model !! I was speechless so he asked me if I could crawl inside to get a closer look... He followed after me and we sat on the ground next to the beast... I had never seen a 8 foot wingspan before   :)   It had working Gas Engines ... fully functional rudder, ailerons and all even functional wheels. It had an opening in the fuselage to fit a camera... It was pure science-fiction to me... There was a hick though the wings were not removable... So how did it get through that door.. He said it was dropped there in a crate while the house was under construction... it was then time to crawl out. 


In the beginning... the Park where we lived was supposed to only have one storey or split level houses in order to maintain harmony with nature... On our lot alone were 47 trees (those already existing.. wild ones) Red and Silver Maple trees - Birch trees - Elm trees and wild cedar which Collibris like... There was also a centenial Oak tree with a 3 foot diameter that was reserved (to be preserved) in the curve at the end of street... It would have looked awesome... But our friendly neighbour couldn't stand Nature it seems. It wouldn't have cost the city a penny since the Tree was already pre-existing... But he pulled in a D-6 Caterpillar to bring it down... And then a D-12 nothing would do.. It took weeks just to clear it out and at what cost I ask you ? So he then changed Municipal Laws to allow for any residential construction to reach any height... We all know of course that bureaucrats love TAXING more than anything else... I also knew one or two of the following mayors... No frikkin comments...

I could go on for weeks but to tell it like it is...

I'm already bored with the so-called self-proclaimed Elite

who's sole objective is to gain & maintain power at all cost even if it means destroying lives...

and destroying history...

You all know how it's done today by Left Wing Radicals...

Simply follow the 60 points of the Communist Agenda

(please go check it out yourself) and Erase everything;

Cultures - Languages - Faiths - History - Rule of Law - besides it's so easy thanks to Internet

- Social Media - Main Stream Media

Last I checked the Candiac City Council

celebrated - their - 60th Anniversary by solliciting increased salaries

Understanding the World we Live In

requires an alert if not brilliant mind...

Who better than Michael Voris to Initiate you to the Reality of History

all LINKS are provided at your discretion... they should not be viewed by children or teenagers...

some contain disturbing graphic images and language...

SBMarin has no ties with any of these LINKS  (legal, financial, commercial, political, personal or other)

Ann Barnhardt

Freedom of Speech

gallery/want it come get it

SBMarin does not own the rights on this Meme

It serves an educational purpose only to complement the following LINK about Freedom of Speech

Bill Warner


...and nothing but Historical facts

Ted Gunderson

A Good Man

the swamp... a long time ago

Carl Munck


The Code

just for the fun of it

Pat Condell

an Open Window on Fresh Air

no one could have said it better

 I'm sure all of the OXYMORONS & BIGOTS in CANDIAC (québec)

now recognize themselves in the mirror for WHAT they are...

Thanks Pat I feel better already too



how's that for a change


learn about our shared history

Mr Cati

an Authentic Black Ops Veteran

Mr Cati is neither a Numerologist - Kabbalist - Gematria freak... He's Who he is

if you don't understand the CODE then concentrate on the discussion 





Paul Joseph Watson

Doing a Great Job

no matter what the Left Wing Nuts throw at him


In the mid 70's... I was Liaison Agent at the Contracts Services for what was at the time the Largest Construction Project

in the World and where the Largest Contracts were ever signed in History...

I was living on a knife edge if you will allow the expression... 

I was approached because of my credentials by one  of the most horrific group of people you can imagine (years before they became known worldwide). They had Cells well implanted in Montreal and had already recruited:

Journalists - Engineers - Architects - Lawyers - Jurists

and of course many many Politicians (local-provincial-federal).

They had the same Modus Operandi in Switzerland, France and Germany...


Of course I denied their invitation... And life became very risky for me suddenly with endless  hit and run attempts on little me. Secret Societies are very real and very INSANE...

It was the O-T-S

Ordre du Temple Solaire

Sylvain Bériault


Bon Appétit

After viewing all of the LINKS above...  You'll be thrilled to discover the taste of Corrupt Politicians - Swamp Bureaucrats - Conflicts of Interest - Fraud 

to be nauseating.. 

These two documentaries complement each other

This third one needs a special note

since one scientist tries to convince us that global warming is the culprit... hum... yes of course...

Let's get serious shall we: in our opinion Overfishing and Dead Zones are to blame. Dead Zones develop anywhere in the world where specific criterias are met :

Human waste - Untreated Sewage - Pollution

they decrease the levels of dissolved oxygen in water thus killing fish which in turn increases considerably the levels of zooplankton that feed the Monster Jellyfish ! 

 Archeology... the legacy of Pyramidiots

(Egyptologists - Secret Societies - Governmental Tourism Agencies - UFOlogists - Satanists - Oxymorons)

this Link serves as a complement to Carl Munck's extraordinary work 

Raymond while in Ottawa befriended an artist whom he understood quite well due to his vast knowledge of Europe, Philosophy and Religion... He was no other than Karsh... yes Yousuf Karsh... The photographer at my parent's wedding.

In brief Raymond graduated in 1940 and directly went to the Civil Service Commision as an investigator in the Organization Branch. This Task Force was commissioned to reorganize three key Ministries during wartime. He remained there throughout the war...