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Commercial versus Scientific names... Please ask for the real thing...

Have you ever tried looking up :

- Neon Zazzy Jello Bouncing Pizza

or perhaps 

-  Freaking Red Devil Fluo Fingers

and even maybe

- Marmalade Sky Rainbow Killer Polyps

Well I'm sorry to say this... but if you have: you're most probably part of the problem...   :) 

Unidentified Marine Species

are the

Tower of Babel

killing the Trade

At SBMarine we do encourage creativity, humor, originality and artistic values and hold no objections to having Commercial names of such nature.... AS LONG AS THE FULL SCIENTIFIC NAMES COME ALONG WITH THEM... Marine Aquariophilia is already an advanced field and we can all do without confusion, ignorance and myth-information. Commercial names alone teach us nothing and it is impossible to learn anything from them. We simply had to emphasize this point.