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Cespitularia sp.

Probably the most versatile coral to be found for propagation

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First the specimen in centre: it was the result of the mother colony splitting in two... then much later after several events: the mother colony was placed to the left in a small crevice to which it fastened in a matter of days... It then started moving upwards by itself... fascinating :)

Now let's see the whole process in detail

This splendid and vigorous Cespitularia Purple Vargas 

provided by Canada Corals July 2017

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Day One: Notice a very useful shipping cookie and a wonderful fragging job...

After a few days Coral stretched it's foot and started moving off... In just two weeks we could remove the accessory. That's why we never cement ceramic plugs in place. A few weeks later Cespitularia had fragged ITSELF in two !!

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After spliting in half Cespitularia then layed a Polyp Branch on rock and a new colony developped... Several days later she did same to the right...

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Voila !! Mother Cespitularia was then moved to the left of EOS tank... and these two offsprings much later were moved to center of tank.

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