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Book One

Suite 1

Past - Present - Future

are inextricably linked

(as you might discover in Book Two)

Consequently Books 1 & 2 are invariably bonded through time... My father knew many people and also many Bad Actors which I got to know as a child, as a teenager and as an adult... The bad actors unfortunately never change... The war between Good and Evil exists no matter where you try to superimpose it in the frame of world events and mainly Cosmic Events... It is a Universal Constant (Book Two). So there is no laying over one book over the other: the facts, historical facts cannot contradict themselves... They have existed, do exist and will exist... Some oxymorons might fantasize about a Matrix Universe... a Holographic Universe... a Flat earth & universe... a Quantic Universe... and even a UFO driven Universe view of genetic manipulations... The most hilarious in my opinion being the Official and Unofficial views of a very disturbed japanese astrophysicist seen on cable network news, a multitude of conspiracy nuts websites, yup he's become the norm for all: left & right - up and below -.And he's dead serious about it... According to his Majestic Authority this nut case sums it all up in Five (yes 5) Levels of so-called cosmic evolution. Level 1 being the earthly realm: in other words we are simply the most Ignoramus Deplorables. Of course all of this crap is linked to the control of ENERGY. They can come to us but we can't even dream of getting there... It is forbidden... Wow knocks me off my socks: The L'Il Ale'Liens control his sick universe and we are at the bottom of HIS Pyramid....- Say goodnight Dick... -Goodnight Dick. -


Most Americans see themselves as being cursed with a sudden (very recent) chain of uncontrolable political events... The rise of the Deep State Swamp... Chills my spine too you know... But they don't delve into history, historical facts... Canadians don't either by the way... Neither do Australians or the British... (etc...). There seems to be a collective - blocage -... I was pretty much stuck in it also throughout episodes of my life... I call it an induced Ring of Moebius: it is nearly impossible to snap out of it, because of Fear & Ignorance chiefly ! A.I. (artificial intelligence) experiences the same pitfall when it's algorithms are flawed (nothing is Perfect, not even A.I.)

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Mon Oncle d'Amérique

My American Uncle

Was written by a french psychiatrist who also possessed extensive medical and chemistry knowledge (historical fact)... Anyone can research everything below easily anywhere... So I'll proceed with my memory if it still serves me - I don't have time for this and my eyes are killing me: chronic glaucoma. He also produced a full feature movie, a very hypnotic film that seduced young & old... He wrote extensively and was published extensively in many languages worldwide. He was the Left's Guru and Authority in scientific circles as well as Esoteric milieus... He sure knew politics as well... ( this was the 1970's remember)

He invented/created a demonic DRUG, very powerful and had no intention whatsoever of Patenting.. his nightmarish psychotropic mind-control drug (or whatever). He willfully and intentionally fomented to diffuse the Formula Freely throughout the world by writing the formula and the whole process of fabrication in his book (this ain't no joke: it's Factual History). The book(s) and movie are out there...

This instantly hit the planetary nutcases as being the Panacea, the Holy Grail towards instant control of Sexual Liberation, Social Liberation, Political Liberation, Economic Liberation (et j'en passe...). From then on any simple minded freak, any dude could readily have his/her own supply of Hallucinogetics for free or almost: it was easy all you needed were a kitchen sink, pail, mixing spoons and very little time... No knowledge in chemistry or medicine required... And hey not to mention that these oxymorons could sell the s...t anywhere with phenomenal profits... Best of all it was legal in most occidental countries because of juridic flaws, total political indifference... (etc...). I guess it set the human race ablaze much like Myxomatose decimated the Lapins de Garenne througout France in the early XXth century... In a different way I agree but still.


In my opinion for this alone, he should figure on top of the list of Contemporay Monsters and I say: the King of Psycopaths. Psycopaths as you know are the only beings capable of sitting at the top of any pyramid of Power & Control because they only care about themselves.... They will accomplish any task, any massacre, any genocide, any economic's trick, any political task to acquire absolute control over an enslaved group. (yup historical facts again).


EXTASY is the name:

and all you need as the basic ingredient is a can of DRANO !!! Yes, you know... the stuff to unclog toilet cabinets and kitchen sinks !!


Today it is best known as the: Rapist's Drug

It's about time in my humble opinion



Family Dynasties


There are obviously Good and Evil ones in this very Imperfect World of ours. So I'll let you be the judge of that. I'm only interested in historical facts and data, besides I've never been into FingerPointing of any sort. As a matter of fact I'm very much annoyed myself at being pointed to... Consequently I won't name anybody... I might name buildings, governments, churches, whatever in bringing forward history. It should only be viewed as references to locate events in Time...


I will only outline one dynasty in particular in this segment of time... because Dad had to deal with these power freaks... I witnessed him when on occasions he took me along as a child (sitting quietly on a sofa playing MatchBox or Dinky toys), as a teenager again quietly in a corner or in an adjacent waiting room with indifferent secretaries... on weekends or summertime days... Later when on my own as an adult I encountered the same bunch... Personally and on very formal occasions as a Professional Canadian Reporter... so documents do exist...



There are no such things as:

- a Jewish Conspiracy - an Islamic Conspiracy - a Christian Conspiracy - a Buddhist Conspiracy -

a Political Conspiracy - an Economic Conspiracy... Good and Evil can be found in all of the above (Book Two)

These groups only represent the Lower Echelons of another group.

They are manipulated by it, used by it, lied to by it...

in short they are completely subjugated to the Satanic Conspiracy... most usually without their knowledge.

The Cosmic Satanic Group's existence cannot be Time Stamped: it is not 3,000 years old, 100,000,000 years old. It constitutes an integral part of the Universe in the same manner that the Universal world (good) exists.

They are the - earthly city - and the - City of God - (Book Two)

The - earthly city -, anywhere on the scale of time, tries to reach God by any conceivable means (to destroy him and usurpate his Glory). In our Planetary System, to name only this one, traces of their actions can be witnessed on Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn... They are Destroyers of Civilisations (Science of the Spheres)... They are desperately trying to acquire the God Code: 8.

But God intended this duality. Why ? To allow humans the LIBERTY of Choice, their FREEDOM !!!

It is only through this ability to voluntarily decide between Good & Evil that humans are granted Eternal Life...

if they individually choose to do so.. Thus it is not a mandatory choice... But a decision taken willfully. (all in Book Two)


Now what the Evil group never acknowledges is the reality, the fact.. that the God Code is impregnable, it is designed this way so that the earthly city is eternally separated (disjunct) from the City of God.

No confusion possible here otherwise the Universe could not exist. The Evil Group is thus Eternally Trapped inside a Ring of Moebius... no matter where on the scale of time !!!  Hell is eternally present:

No Past - No Present - no Future


So if any of you have ever had this strange feeling of walking amongst the Damned...

Well heck you are !!!

You have the God Given Liberty & Freedom to fight back... Do nothing... or join the Evil Group.

(the Do Nothing Option will have you swept away by the monsters, by the way)