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Auteur: Raymond Bériault

 Book One


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Khmers was published in 1957 several years after his mission in Cambodia during the Korean war. First you must know that historical ties linked France and Cambodia since Napoleon and that included french language. Raymond a French speaking Canadian originated from an emancipated French colony (Nouvelle-France). Our family ancestors date back to the mid seventeenth century in Quebec (lower Canada). Originally from Orléans (France) early seventeenth century. They have participated in the ranks of the French Army (as scouts) in one battle along the St-Lawrence river... When the French inflicted the only military defeat the United States has ever known during the Battle of the City of Quebec: against Admiral Phipps of Massachusetts (1690). Several other locations were involved in this war such as in LaPrairie on the south shore of Montreal.

Raymond was selected by the Canadian Government and the United Nations on the basis of his qualifications and credentials to fulfill the task of Chief Mission Technical Assistance. In Cambodia he soon developped a friendship with an American:  Mr. Trepagnier (Smithsonian Institute) and several French Officers (General Jean de Latre de Tassigny) and Academicians. They had a joke between them: - If a Diplomat didn't go crazy after a month over there then he probably would make it... The cultural shock was immense even for the toughest...

I found out that cultural shock could even cross oceans one day in elementary school in Candiac (quebec). When I was lynched by bullies in the schoolyard... I was explaining to them that in Cambodia children went about naked in daily life... The next day I was expelled from school after a strap beating by the school principal... (wasn't my day) because I had brought the book with me and shown a photograph to all my schoolmates to prove my point. I've always been hard headed so the following week when I was allowed back to school... I also explained that my sister had a pet baby leopard and a brother had a pet baby asian elephant... Now that didn't go well either and I was accused of seeing this on TV in Jungle Jim... So they decided to destroy my brand new bicycle... Funny they never got kicked out of school... Unfortunatly all these photographs were lost to a basement flooding in one of my brothers house.


Raymond (wrote & typed) & Claire (typed, pianists are lightning fast) many confidential reports to the Canadian Government, French Government and the United Nations such as one listing the tributes (taxing) to China throughout history (Gold, Silver, Minerals, Goods) or another about the decyphering of several bas-reliefs concerning Siam and the Annamites that were ignored by the scientific community... Now again all lost (my copies) to the ravages of time...

You must know that in those years Cambodia was the Free World's only Ally in the region... because of the historic Protectorate Treaty signed with Napoleon !

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The job isn't finished after the Field Work... Mom & Dad must still compile the data.


Note the montage:

On top is a typical Cambodian family dwelling... You won't find native Cambodians in cities since they don't control their economy nor their politics. Chinese mercantilists in fact control the economy everywhere. They are easily differenciated from native Cambodians by their lighter toned skin. And the so-called Buddhist monks who control spiritual life are all chinese... or from Thailand. The so-called Buddhist schools teach nothing besides the Art of Begging !

At bottom the olympic sized swimming pool in the back of the typical dictator/butcher dwelling... Palais Royal de Phnom Pehn that of Norodom Sihanouk: an uncurable narcissistic psycopath... Me Myself and I is only the beginning in describing his case... The bodyguard assigned by him to the family was an Islamist Indonesian Officer. In the back of his Jeep you would find an adult spotted panther who followed him everywhere. When my mother asked him why he was in Cambodia, his answer was to say the least perplexing: - We will only rest when the whole world is converted to Islam - . I wouldn't dare imagine what diet his pet was on.


Dad loved native cambodians and got tremendous satisfaction out of his field trips. Mom rarely stepped out the Palais Royal and had to take care of my sister and two brothers. Besides a woman couldn't have a life of her own.. why she wasn't even allowed to cook. The only time she tried: she was expelled from the Royal Kitchens manu-militari. So she survived several years on a diet of sweet condensed milk. She really was severely traumatised and the anecdote below will show why...

You all saw that 'Jones movie where the hero is seated at a royal table and served live monkey brain (through a hole in a tabletop)... I personally find this movie grotesque in it's depictions (it's a purely personal opinion). Anyway in reality at the Palais Royal in Phnom Pehn matters were slightly different... Mom or Dad never mentioned any eyeball soup. However Claire sometimes related these anecdotes with great sorrow and distress, all of them. Know that war is creeping within Cambodia through the Khmers Rouge and the chinese communists with all of it's horrors also. The monkeys are brought to the guests in a contraption, with their skulls already cut with a holed tabletop on their heads. I would have been traumatised too, had I been born then.

You have to know all about the - Oeufs de Cent Ans - / One Hundred Years Eggs... These eggs are wrapped in Betel leaves and buried in the ground for Three Months (not a hundred years).

Betel leaves are used for a more elegant cultural purpose by native cambodians (thank god)... It is chewed by everyone and when mixed with an alkaloid they not only provide effects similar to cocaine but dye the gums and teeth a vivid red. Cambodian woman without this characteristic are not considered attractive. Let's all step outside for a breath of fresh air shall we.

Back to the montage: The Medal to the left was pinned to my father by Raoul Follereau (a Swiss citizen). He was an exceptional human being giving without restraint for the benefit of mankind. In 1946 there were 46 million lepers in Africa and Raoul Follereau started his crusade to eradicate this evil from Planet Earth... And alleviate the suffering of those victims. So he wrote a Manifesto - Donnez-moi deux bombardiers - , - Give me two bombers - and inundated the political world with it. At the time there was no cure for it. Eventually Canada developped a treatment: SULFATES and Raoul Follereau was on his way to Africa. This is how Raymond and Raoul rubbed shoulders.

The ruffled Medal on top was given to Raymond by the Archbishop of the - Diocèse de Saint-Jean - (Gérard-Marie Coderre).

It is the Order of Charity. This one was issued for other reasons not relevant to our discussion.

There is a Medal missing from the montage (lost to time). The - Dragon Impérial d'Annam - ... the one with an enameled blue dragon spanning across it's top which rests on the - Flamboyant Star - .

It is a very rare honor and distinction issued by the French Government. Some Old french dictionaries with illustrated pages in color show it but without the Blue Dragon.


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If you ever watch the movie Mozart (70's)... In a scene somewhere... There is a huge highly Stylized representation of the Flamboyant Star on a wall which is part of the free-mason's iconography. They surely were inspired by a design somewhere, somehow, sometime... Remember it is Flamboyant... (flamboyant stars always hold a cosmic significance).

The picture to the left was taken in Angkor by my father. However he never outlined the two - decorations - on the historical figure's chest. Because they just jump in your face. It so happens that the - École Française d'Extrême-Orient - was established a long time ago in Indochina and they are known for their ties to let's say secret societies... Dad couldn't stand European Freemasonry for very good reasons of his own that I won't digress into. But to be fair know this: Europeans do not practice the Rites of York.. It is only practiced in America. And I will provide a MEME I made myself to put you on track... - Saturn devouring one of his sons - (below). (remember: Cosmic not Litteral meaning  ;)

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To view the matter under another perspective (an excellent one by the way) perhaps you should consider what our friend Mr Cati has to say about it. Through his serious observations he has defined two Groups that are in opposition on this Planet. The Red (23) and Blue (24). His discussions are fascinating, no less ! Unfortunately both groups are present and active in North America generating tensions that have never been seen in history !



Imperial Blue Dragon of Annam...


In the world of cheap entertainmant  you will find that the media is flooded with Conspiracy Theory so-called documentaries... Documentaries that are nothing more than Clickbaite... and all those useless clips that are junk collages... Exceptionnally you will discover brilliant minds who contribute to a better form of communication. I call them Enigmatologists because, yes of course they provide quality entertainment.

Some go far beyond and realise true historical documents of value based on documented facts. We tip our hat to the following group of collaborators in the following presentation by Graham Hancock. They show us that Egyptologists are there to promote tourism and perpetuate ignorance... This is why at SBMarine we call egyptologists: PyramIdiots.

As far as CODE & Measurements are concerned we still prefer to go along with the pioneer in those fields. A document of great importance produced in 1994 by Carl Munck... at a time when a Commodore 64 with the GEOS program was considered the nec-plus-ultra... Munck never tried to build a Cult, a Church, a Belief, a Dogma... No he simply uses science as it is meant to be understood: a Tool to comprehension. Not once will Munck intertwine  beliefs in his discussions. His methodology is inherently GOOD !

 Of course there is no wisdom in Superstition such as that attributed to supposedly Lost Civilizations... Any mystic who has faith in God beholds it WITHIN him. The Duality of Good & Evil is what any good human being should be concerned with. As you may have observed in my excerpts: the Universal church (this is the true meaning of Catholic) asks any Catechumen to behold God within himself. This means one should not consider God to be above him (Zodiac) but within his soul... It is a personal choice, you either make it or not. It does not imply that you submit or obey... Every human being has the LIBERTY to decide what is good and what is evil. The Universal church is not a temple or a shrine or a cathedral or a pyramid... Wisdom cannot be chained, bought or destroyed for it is an integral part of one's soul and individuality. You must understand that seeing God as being above you is what the ancient MAGIS professed (science of the Spheres) out of ignorance and is what Saint-Augustine fought with all his heart. Saint-Augustine was well versed in ancient knowledge and it only becomes obvious after reading: Moïse Maïnomide's - Le Guide des égarés - and: Saint-Augustine's - Confessions.


What does this have to do with the Khmers Empire may you ask.... A lot since they were fighting Evil in their own time in their part of the world. Only that. In the same manner the far east dynasties Tang etc (what we today call china) were all at war with each other dating back as far as 3,000 B.C.. Except one they were all empires of extreme cruelty and enslavement (unimaginable). Any god that should ask to kill in his name or pull out the hearts of his ennemies alive or sacrifice virgins to appease his wrath should be considered EVIL. Furthermore substituting Science to God amounts to same. If there is ONE thing that science will never answer is quite obvious: What is Good and What is Evil... This is where the Big Lie resides.

A question remains out of focus but thanks to Carl Munck we can easily understand that at least the ancient builders had obviously a PURPOSE (not the tribes that occupied these territories subsequently.)

Pnom Pehn 

La Colline de la Vieille Dame Pehn

Everything starts in Pnom Pehn on the legendary hill where the Stupa stands (book cover) with the statue of king Sisowath.

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Summary: No matter how poor a National Language may be it must figure predominantly in the elementary school system. Because younger children return to the rice paddies where french is not spoken. At the next level french becomes vital because those who pursue their studies will become the leaders of tomorrow dealing with the rest of the world.

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Typical Native Cambodians

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Since the 1970's the U.N. has inundated the media with it's financial assistance programs to restore and preserve Angkor... Claiming that it will benefit Cambodia and Cambodians... Many including myself question the validity of this propaganda... Nothing has changed at Angkor since the mid-fifties... The jungle is still creeping onto the site and as far as I'm concerned no reconstruction can be seen..

(photos below from: SBM archives - Confidential Sources)

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Nothing has changed for the native Cambodian people since the mid-fifties... They still don't live in cities, don't control their economy or politics. You will find out later that a major evil event occured though...

(photos below from: SBM archives - Confidential Sources)

What happened? Where did all the money go? I guess it's a no-brainer... To those who control Cambodia's economy and politics... Angkor (believe it or not) has been transformed into a cheap mercantilist SAFARI-ZOO like tourist contraption complete with authentic so-called buddhist monks... native wild monkeys... Elephant rides... and no educational or historical material available... I'm sure some of you would realy like to know who owns and operates that pinky on site motel complete with AFRICAN Elephant statues...

(photos below from: SBM archives - Confidential Sources)

What about the Royal Khmers dancers? What you see here is a parody... Note the women's hands they are normal... Oh yes true: four women were flanked left and right by two transvestites, the analogy stops here. The costumes are not even close to history. You see the female Royal Dancers were enslaved to the king's court at a very young age... Gradually all their knuckles were broken and braced until they became permanently bent upwards (no way you can grasp or hold anything with such a condition). The kings though thought this to be sublimely elegant for the performances... I won't get into the Royal Musicians and traditional instruments that were all richly decorated with Ivory Trimmings... Poachers got that Ivory from slaughtered animals... And who controlled trade after the fifteenth century in Cambodia.... Yup you guessed it. To tell the truth: nothing has changed up until today... I ask you who are the folkloric dancers enslaved to nowadays ?

photos from: SBM archives - Confidential sources

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What happened to the Khmers civilization... (?)

Two Major GENOCIDES occured several centuries apart.

The First came about through Peaceful means by the introduction of Brahmanism in the Khmers empire while it's armies were consolidating their estate far away for centuries. Brahmanism is the ultimate Destroyer of Civilizations ! Dad describes it so well with all historical data and facts that I will not digress into it.

The Second GENOCIDE to hit the Cambodians is contemporary and dates back to the 1970's... with Pol Pot's KHMERS ROUGE...

The Statistics here are not accurate but illustrate the point nevertheless.

SBMarin - SBMarine does not own the rights to this meme

I have covered the Ukrainian Genocide extensively in my EXCERPTS.

There you will find all the knowledge required to fully understand the mechanisms and horror of this Genocide.

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Khmers Rouge Genocide

A Century in the making... involving many Actors from all over the world

I will cover this topic but first I must digress into more sensitive information and observations.

Some matters are extremely intricate and difficult to follow without valid knowledge and understanding.


Raymond had an extensive background in dealing with bureaucracy, governments and secret societies having been Investigator to the Civil Service Commission and later part of the workgroup responsible with the reorganisation and management of War Time Ministries during the Second World War. His academic background: philosophy, litterature, theology, arts, languages (french english greek latin: he spoke fluently)... So he was very well aware that he had to: Go Along to Get Along in all his undertakings. He was also an accomplished athlete accustomed to stress and hard blows (Yup... Country boys are tough). Amongst many foes he had to deal with in Cambodia were Monarchy - Bureaucracy - Miltary - Politics - Secret Societies - Religions - Archeology... hum yes archeologists... well you know: the PyramIdiots. And last but not least the bloody United Nations.

I have hinted you to several essential points above: DRACO - Cultural Shock - the Presence of a plethora of International Actors - this Indonesian Bodyguard...

The official history of Cambodia (and that of so many other countries) is not exactly what it should be... I see many of you smiling... with cause.

I also pointed to the Flamboyant Star everpresent in Cambodia... but this star (Cosmic meaning) is always invariably accompanied with other Symbols througout history: the Moon - Saturn - and more recently the Jesuit Star especially since the French Revolution when Secret Societies flourished and established themselves all over Europe and even the United States...

What is Wrong ? with it's history... Well there is the known official history from the Fifteenth century to the present day and the hidden history from the XVth century backwards... You must understand that the Khmers Empire is already vanquished by the XVth century onwards; it no longer exists in it's original form. It has been destroyed by Brahmanism and subjugated to Buddhism... In fact Angkor, Bayone etc... were built in a haste (approximately 50 years) as Personal Cult temples and later as King-God temples. You know now that the Cambodians are not descendants of the Hindus civilization, they were clearly a distinct group from all others surrounding them... The Cambodian descendants were pushed out of any recognition... The Annamites (Vietnamese) and - Chinese - were allies and were terrorized by the Khmers Armies during Eight Centuries. By the way they didn't lose the opporunity for revenge when world conditions were more favorable to them: the cowardly massacre of innocent civilians by Pol Pot !!! Oh yes China's dictators can wait centuries for any of their murderous rounds... The proud Khmers Armies that had fought and vanquished barbaric invaders from the Seventh century until the Fourteenth century returned to their homeland only to find sheeple...

Raymond had a very potent cleareance and had access to all of the Cambodian Royal Archives. I outlined that he wrote many Confidential Reports to the Canadian Government and also to other agencies having to Get Along with the International Zoo.

One confidential report I had in my possession pertaining to the hidden history of Cambodia dates back to the Seventh century. One topic in this report relates to War Machines. In the VIIth century Khmers Armies devised a tool that would and did terrorize invading ennemies... It was the KITE. Yes the Cambodian people did invent the kite: not the chinese !!! They were no ordinary kites... being CIRCULAR and having a span of one hundred feet and larger... they were equipped with sophisticated devices and flown at night exclusively... On them were lanterns with reflectors to produce bright light... and sound sirens that would produce ear piercing howling sounds... they were also equipped with crossbows that could be triggered at will... More or less the A10 Warthog of it's time: a flying platform with multiple payloads designed for ground cover :). In an age when ignorance was prevalent it's easy to understand the psychological effect such weapons could impact on the ennemy. Imagine the sight: a round brightly light object (huge) rising slowly above the jungle in a menacing growl accompanied with a shower of arrows coming from the skies... UFO's ? not really... but still could the Khmers have been inspired themselves by something terrifying they would have witnessed ? Hahahahaha...  ;D) ... Well it is an interesting question after all... In my humble opinion: yes and they would have been the exact same events reported nowadays but please BIF the term UFO from the equation... UFO exists only in the mediatic universe... Terrestrial or Cosmic is not even a valid question to start with... Power Freaks love UFO so do deranged minds... Do you really believe what you see on: YouFoeTV - Hysteria Channel - National TheoGraphic - Pubic Broad Casting Network - Canadian Broad Casting Network - All those websites devised by some narcissist idiots in their mommies basements... Lord give me a break (thank you).

Most of you are probably familiar with our former Defense Minister made famous by the pathetic Disclosure Project. He convinced millions worldwide (appearing often on RT TV). Man o' Man am I ashamed of this liberal-socialized country of mine... Hellier pulled out of thin air no less than 57 Varieties of AleLiens: he surely must have been inspired by some ketchup label with it's 57 varieties... Or else he's experiencing a Major nervous breakdown or dementia... Wake Up, private networks, syndicated or not, are there as clickbaite to rake in money: your money and public networks are subsidized entirely by your taxpayer money... Snap out of it will ya... enough brainwashing !

I'm an open minded individual but please let's get into Cosmic Matters from an entirely different perspective shall we ?

So Raymond had to Go Along to Get Along with the Great Archeologists and Egyptologists of his time (they always have been the same groups worldwide protecting their elitist privileges)... You will find below the full Chapter Five (in french) on his observations about archeology. I will translate only the two last paragraphs treating with Cambodia but in the previous pages he also hits the egyptologists hard because their dust bins only relate to the Tribes which occupied the Ancient Builders sites way later after their construction... The same applies to Central and South America... His conclusions shattered that of the École Française d'Extrême Orient and all Secret Societies worldwide... Which got him menacing calls from there on... His mission was completed, he had served his country well in Wartime and had nothing to prove. In the early 60's I usually answered the phone in the evening because all other three siblings were boarded in private schools and mom was romping over at the Opus Dei in Outremont or anywhere fun... A few times a Romeo called in so I asked who was calling and transferred the call to dad: Romeo was a Canadian General... You get the idea right.



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NOTE: The Royal Dancers were still present in their original format at King Norodom Sihanouk's court unchanged for centuries... They couldn't exactly be called dances because there was no choreography as such only movements or flexions of the ankles, knees, elbows wrists and hands... all in an agonizing slow motion. Juxtaposed to the Royal orchestra which music was monocordous, boring and awfully cacophonic... The whole spectacle would either get you to sleep or running for ear plugs... True Cambodians never changed: they had given all they could but could go no further... The dancers wore extraordinary costumes with fabrics stitched with silver and silver jewelry and silver head ornaments illustrating Stupas. And as it was for time immemorial they were flanked by a Transvestite at each side...Dad had many 16mm films which he had taken on a portable spring loaded camera (Keystone if I recall correctly): no sound but no batteries required and boxes full of Kodachrome 64 color slides, probably the best 35mm film ever especially with a Nikon F 1,2 lens !!

Translation follows...

In Cambodia, nothing like that. Temples are not an answer to the people's inner need to express themselves freely, to express their faith and love. The king-god imposes upon thousands of slaves the erection of temples which they will never enter. These works were not made in love. We feel it. A material civilization where there was a lack of soul and who might know a certain virility, a certain maturity, but not a complete fulfillment. Facing these ruins, you will experience an admirable surprise and an exclamant wonder. The emotion that moves and the enjoyment that satisfies are excluded. Cambodia in the past was able to feed an industrious artist population. Faith that allows survival was absent. These tombs had to bury the breed. Cambodians have changed, it is repeated in every tone. Such an assertion is unfounded. As they were, as they remained. The only difference is that their natural genius is exhausted because they do not possess in them the faith which constitutes the only power of renewal and perpetuity in creation. The ancient Khmers gave humanity the best that this race could produce. They couldn't give more. But their art, in its manifestations, incapable of equaling the great arts of the West, must be placed immediately after the greatest works, on the scale of the creations of humanity.

We will get to the Pol Pot Khmers Rouge (Chinese Communist Party) cowardly genocide in Cambodia, later in this discussion... After all there are interesting facts, to say the least, to know about: the Hague - International Court of Justice -... the Main so-called court of justice of the United Nations...

But first we must digress into a lengthy discussion through time... linking Books 1 & 2. If you enjoy reading of course.


Let me remind everyone once again: That if you don't like the opinions - my opinions - which are purely personal.... You always have the option to bail out... I'm a Free Man, living in a Free Country, living in a Free World and entitled to Free Speech.

You are of course also entitled to all of the same....   :)