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Intelligence Inexplorée... le ressac de l'Ignorance

author: Sylvain Bériault

Neuchâtel, Switzerland / December 2003


ORIGINAL ENGLISH TRANSLATION in O.C.R. format (Optical Character Recognition)

pages 64 to 77



Recognize your destiny


It is the gateway to the understanding of time and its perception by the human brain and then by consciousness. Why not dive into it right away by focusing a little on the neuron. The purpose here is not to demonstrate scientific knowledge. But simply to capture the essence of these notions.

Everyone knows that the brain is made up of neurons and that less than one percent of them are commonly used. It doesn't mean anything, of course. Except we don't know much. On the other hand, the neuron is the only cell in the human body that is not renewed periodically (new neurons are created, but they all have an autonomous function).
Moreover, it is the only cell that accompanies us throughout our existence... That speaks for itself. It is also the only one that creates new synapses according to the - orders to be filled -. In clearer terms; the neuron develops ramifications - on demand- .




.Our neurons exist throughout our lives. Those who are not destroyed in any case... Let's move on to the major event to emphasize: They are able to communicate with each other by exchanging information by chemical and electrochemical reaction or something like that. These same neurons don't touch each other directly. They are separated by some kind of void. This is becoming more and more interesting !

The neuron is autonomous

Let's go back to the beginning. The neuron can communicate with its counterparts. It can, therefore, exchange information; sort it out; Organize it; Recognize it; Interpret it; or pass it on; through neurotransmitters. These are created as needed (synapses).

These wonders involve a relationship of time, a duration within which they take place; i.e. in the past, present and future. Which, on the other hand, are not divisible.

There is no time limit. It exists in its entirety.

The brain could not function otherwise, of course. The brain travels through time without constraints. It evolves freely without worrying if the future exists, or if it will exist. Since it must exist to allow it to function.




The brain is a set of neurons. Just as the human body is a whole consisting of organs. They themselves are made up of specialized cells. All other cells do their daily work and die but are continually renewed. This allows neurons to perfect their fulfillment. Since these same neurons travel through time, it is perfectly acceptable to consider that they can blithely transcend the barriers of consciousness and perceive information no matter where it is in the time scale ! This is precisely where the recognition of one's destiny comes in ! It's not for me to jump off the cock-a-donkey, at this point. It could easily be dealt with a multitude of themes to explore and that are just as exciting, but just remember these basic summaries.

Solitude and freedom

There's no need to define solitude. It is the rallying point of all the elements and decisions that shape and model us: For free spirits in any case. To propel yourself into life in a conscious and voluntary way implies an understanding of solitude and its beneficial effects on everyone. Someone used to say, "Our freedom ends where the freedom of others begins." I would like to add; that our freedom necessarily begins in solitude.




Reflection and time


With the most intimate conviction that.... Thinking: This may mean returning an image or a thought. As the mirror offers us a reflection of ourselves. Human reflection, which originates from the brain and therefore neurons; could, in principle, travel through time. Freely back and forth, with no limits other than the sensitivity inherent in each. The neuron apparently knows no constraints in this area. The difficulty experienced by a third party is due to its lack of listening, attention and sensitivity dominated by social, academic and personal conditioning; For here, it is not a question of magic or prestidigitation, but of sensitivity and self-knowledge. Ignore imposed notions and explore one's own inner universe. An approach so reprehensible that generations of political, economic and religious strategists have sought its destruction at all costs. The evidence being; that every time an individual tries to publicly share experiences in this area: An army of pedagogues; scholars; and political scientists, is determined to demolish any objective attempt at reflection...
It is when a self-declared elite decides instead of individuals, that it is therefore a question of social conditioning or reshaping of thought (social engineering).




It is also when academics decide what is right or wrong to the individual that it becomes moral dictatorship. Thus psychoanalysis is the answer to all the evils of the mind. But do we have to agree on what the evils of the mind are ? Surely, those that are not economically profitable. This is self-evident. And religion, in all its slave forms, seems to be the answer to the evils of the soul. It should not be confused with evil and obligatory ignorance, domination and conformism.
Doctrines, on the other hand, impose themselves on political ills. The media structure mandatory control of thought. They ensure widespread aculturism. With, here and there, perfumes of genius and culture that fortunately make the knowledge attractive to curious minds.


Reflection and time


Reflection (reflexion) is the ability to act on thought and structure it in order to broaden one's consciousness. Time inhabits us and consciousness can touch anything within range of the neuron's abilities including temporal displacement in one direction or the other. We can do this in principle with a little thought...




We must not forget that the neuron is the only cell in our body that accompanies us throughout our existence. It is conceivable and why not permissible; may it be the keystone of our intimate knowledge ? Knowledge of our life as it unfolds without possible deviation. Everything exists at once as I have proposed. Therefore the neuron that lives throughout our existence confirms this reality or this assumption:

That the future exists. And that on any time scale;
it replies: Present !


Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything changes (transforms, transmutes).

It was an astrophysicist who once started this joke. To the tune of Lavoisier, it seems to me.
Nothing is lost: since the neuron is there motionless (or almost) from the beginning to the end of our existence.
Nothing is created: since everything exists at once (in time of course).
Everything changes: since the neuron is also made up of atoms
- Who respond to a universal law: movement (speed).


Reflection, time and now movement...
What for ???

Atomic movement structures time by constantly breaking it down and restructuring it at a crazy rate (incredible speed)




Our human mechanics are set to this ever-moving atomic clock, which allows us to perceive the fractions of time and therefore the temporal movement of atoms. It should not be forgotten that all matter consists of atoms including all forms of biological life. To get a simplified picture of all this, let's imagine that our body is a gigantic puzzle whose atoms are the individual pieces. Each atom has its own movement (the atomic motion), each piece is animated by movement and speed and each piece of this puzzle is perfectly nestled with the others. They form a closed, perfectly synchronized set. And constitute an autonomous whole (our body). This movement and speed inherent in each piece of the puzzle makes and undoes the whole (our body) at a staggering speed. It's a bit like our bodies breaking down and recomposing themselves billions of times per second (like a puzzle that you would quickly put together). All this is synchronized in a mind-boggling way and exceeds the imagination...

Our brain, synchronized with this dizzying movement, allows us to capture only a fraction of the time at a time. This gives us the illusion of a past, a present and a future.




This is not the case since it is our brain that is limited in its temporal recognition capabilities. For those who are experiencing some difficulties; let's take the example of the movie projector. Two huge coils of images containing a film. One representing the past and the other representing the future. The lens, with its only fixed image, representing the present. Our brain is similar to this mechanism; that can only read one image at a time ! Only one image at a time is projected onto the screen by the light beam. Yet the speed of scrolling of the film gives us the illusion of movement by scrolling several images per second. Our brain is similar to this projector in that it perceives only one image at a time. This does not mean that the past and the future do not exist because we do not see them. By analogy, the entire length of a film (all its life) exists on two reels but only one image can be projected by the lens on the movie screen at a time. Besides, it would be difficult for us to see everything at the same time. Despite what we may think, it seems possible to select thoughts or images and rebroadcast them if we can say inside our brains. Even to capture them on the scale of time, our time it goes without saying.




Thought, time and movement. All that is missing now is to appreciate these new dimensions of time. Discretion and judgment will contribute to its discovery with a little sensitivity


Sensitivity and fulfillment

On the social level, sensitivity is generally perceived as a weakness: A sensitive person is therefore vulnerable. But sensitivity also by definition has a precision character: The sensitivity of a measuring instrument for example. Alas ! Some instruments are very precise. While others are completely off and need a calibration in order to give satisfaction ! The same goes for our  brain. Some people have hypersensitivity while others miss out. It is therefore important to know ourselves well in order to evaluate our potential for precision... Sensitivity.

Time is immutable (you cannot, in principle, change it). You have to be very wise not to pass; your dreams, your hopes, your wishes or your desires before reality. The one you live or will live.
Since perceiving fractions of future time does not allow us to change them under any circumstances. You have to accept your destiny to realize it as I said above.




One can travel back and forth in time (with the neuron), but not modify it, this is invariable. Although it is excusable and human to seek to do so it does not change that.

Time perception
An esoteric myth to dodge


Perceive time with our full potential of sensitivity. History and engineers answer impossible. Since centuries of official research would have informed us. At the very least, we would have been given hints ! So...  no one would have risked thinking out loud about the question ? Well, let's see ! That is not done; they are just hypotheses, assumptions, esoteric phantasms, etc. The Esotericists, on the other hand, did not seek to enlighten free spirits, but were mostly content to mystify and shamefully abuse popular credulity.



divination, augurs, magic, priesthood, belief, manipulation, mystification.

These have been the synonyms of perception for ages... however textually one reads:

Representation of an object, built by consciousness from sensations, the collector is also the one who perceives.




Do you see a little realism as opposed to charlatanism ? Perceiving time would therefore be a stupidly biological act, if not one animated by conscience, sensitivity and reflection. So why apply to so many mysteries. It would take a little: for ufologists to target me... To dare being so simple, what a drama. According to supporters of rampant metempsychosis; spirituality is not revealed in dictionaries. I will no doubt be accused of simplifying what is inaccessible and incomprehensible, but above all taboo. Yet the human being is intelligent and autonomous when he gives himself the leisure....

Let's recap:
Perception - representation, of an object, built from sensations. Object, image and these are our five traditional senses. Built from sensations, recognized by the five senses therefore. Here we are at the threshold of temporal perception, which is nothing but the reconstruction, whether perceived by the eyes or by the neuron, of temporal images captured at random from reflections. The neuron would be perfectly capable of that. We remember that.
There is nothing very metaphysical about this; physical realities that subordinate to other experiences that can be perceived by the brain.




You don't have to look, from noon to 2 p.m., to appreciate the little-known qualities of the neuron. Time perception... To recognize it is also to simplify life. Become one's own master is the most total heresy for the faithful of all stripes. However, it is neither pretentious, or even bad to get to know oneself better: Mastering, therefore, one's vital energy in the sense that is our own. Search
to improve, to discover ourselves on all levels, are not destructive or irreverent in any way. On the contrary, it is integrity-winning.

Time, movement, reflection, sensitivity and perception; Here we are at the heart of our own existence and the freedom to perceive one's own reality. The recognition of time and its infinity  leads us to reflect on the various dimensions of the Universe.Those that co-exist, in and around our physical world. The perception of time and dimensions; Time and possible dimensions that constitute us. Neurons are connected by synapses that are created on demand when there is otherwise a vacuum... same as our Universe that expands in an apparent vaccum...




Yet chemical and electrical reactions that literally make synapses appear:

connect neurons that allow them to communicate with each other.


Let us therefore draw a parallel with the infinitely large. Traditionally the model of our world is based on four dimensions governed by laws of immutable physics, but several scientific discoveries
have upset this dogma for more than fifty years.


First the neutrino hypothesis:

An anti-matter particle colliding with our world, then its discovery in the depths of the Earth's subsoil using extremely sophisticated measuring instruments. In short, to simplify; a neutrino is a particle of antimatter that can cross our world and sometimes disintegrate. Its passage in our four-dimensional universe can only be recorded when it disintegrates. It comes in some cases from another... a fifth dimension if you prefer. Astrophysicists have identified several origins for neutrinos.  They can come from solar radiation... cosmic radiation alsp emits some. The earth also produces neutrinos. they can also come from elsewhere... (???). Fortunately the neutrino; either crosses our world (just passing through), or disintegrates here. For the juxtaposition of this dimension with ours would produce a reciprocal anihilation of our universe and the Other. Which, remains unknown, undefined and purely hypothetical. The neutrino and the fifth dimension (it's the only definition that comes to mind) yet coexist with our universe. However, the two worlds (dimensional) cannot be juxtaposed under penalty of mutual annihilation.

it is the Chinese yin and yang, the antimatter of the Brahmans, the Holy Spirit of Christians, etc...

Dimensions like neurons seem to communicate with each other despite the apparent void that separates them.

Nothing surprises us at this point anymore. Time then becomes a gateway to other dimensions:
Our Own



Good you now have a better comprehension of Time...

It is the common link throughout Discover Cosmic.

Book Two explores TIME

in all of it's concepts and representations culminating in Part Two to:



Book Two is to my knowledge the first - romanced sociological biography - (biographie sociologique romancée) ever written. It can be read and understood at several levels of comprehension depending on your personal baggage... It explores fascinating subjects like the one above and also gives readers a break (recreations) with anecdotes that could be everyday headlines or individual experiences relating to the world we live in... I'm not sure they should be called entertainment however... most are difficult to read, stomach or accept because they are all too realist ! The kind of reality that exposes EVIL in our world.


Sylvain Bériault

Montreal, Canada

owner: SBMarin / SBMarine